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I recently discovered, thanks to a friend of mine, the on-line auction site EBTH. It stands for Everything But The House.¬† “sells furniture, jewelry, art, coins, cars, collectibles and more, in 20 cities and counting.”

And it’s awesome! And a little bit addicting too. I only bid on auctions in my neck of the woods, but you can bid on any location and have your item(s) shipped to you. The auctions last six days, so you need a little patience.

Here’s a few pieces I won in the last auction I bid on. They are now in my booth.

Birdcage Windsor Chairs
Birdcage Windsor Chairs
Bentwood Cane Seat Chair
Bent Wood Caned Seat Chair

As much as I love “treasure hunting” for items for my booth, it’s kinda nice sometimes to find cool pieces from the comfort of your favorite chair with a computer on your lap. ‘Cuz that’s how I roll! ūüôā




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Treasures and Antiques

This weekend, my friend¬†Crys¬†and I¬†went to the big Antique Show in our area.¬† Talk about excited!¬† Our schedules only allowed us to go for a couple of hours¬†on Saturday and Sunday.¬† Not nearly enough time!¬† We didn’t even finish seeing all there was to see because it was so big.¬† If I had oodles of money and time….¬† Ahhhh!

I did purchase a huge arm chair.¬† Saw it on Saturday, thought about it and then went home.¬† When I saw it again on Sunday, I just knew it needed to come home with me.¬† Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an arm chair so big!¬† It’s going to be recovered and put in my library/office.¬†

I also bought an old eyelet press from the late 1800’s to early 1900.¬† Don’t need one, just thought it was cool and the price was cheap.¬† When I got home, I did some research and found out they can be worth as much as $100.00.¬† Woohoo!¬† Treasure hunting is sooo cool!

My friend Crys, however, bought the most awesome piece of furniture there.¬† No kidding, everyone stopped to look at it.¬† It’s an old document drawer from the 1860’s.¬† It was in near perfect condition.¬† We were told it came from a courthouse in Ohio.¬† It was still there on Sunday, so she took that as a sign! : )¬† So I’m hoping, being her friend and all, that when she get’s tired of it, she’ll remember her treasuring hunting buddy and hand it down to me.¬† I have a feeling I will be waiting a very long time.

So that’s how I spent the last two days of Spring break.¬† Treasure hunting and antique shopping!!

Not an antique, but it’s old.¬†
Eyelet press
Came from a courthouse in Ohio. Circa 1860
A beautiful teak table! If only money grew on trees…
Shell wreath
Cool car! Took picture for dad!
Another cool car! It’s for sale too.
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Entryway Wall – Completed!

I finally have the entryway wall complete!  It moved along pretty well after I got over my fear of putting the first hole in the newly painted, unscuffed wall.  In fact, I was so over my fear I just started nailing away without a clear plan on what I was going to do! Ha!  Fortunately (for me!) it all worked out and looks pretty good.

The first thing I did was decided on the height of the board that will hold the hooks.¬† Can’t be knocking out family members who aren’t watching where they are walking. : )¬† The board is secured to the wall with anchors and screws… counter sunk, or course, because I love that drill bit!

Next, I added the lattice board to the wall.  I divided the wall into four vertical sections, so we all have our own space.  The math on that took me forever!  ha!

The shelf on top gave me a little grief.¬† I glued and screwed a piece of wood to the top of the first board I put up, but it would not stay at a ninety degree angle.¬† It could be that I was too impatient to support the shelf properly and wait for the glue to dry.¬† I’ll try that next time!¬† I had a couple of metal hooks with birds on them.¬† They were¬†perfect to use as supports for the shelf.

Next came primer and paint.  I put a coat of primer on everything and then added two coats of white semi-gloss paint.  Everything always looks so good with white paint!  I also trimmed out the edges of the shelf with moulding to make it looked more finished.  I love trim and moulding!  It can hide a multitude of errors while making your work look more finished and put together.  Love That!

I bought this top piece at an antique/salvage yard.¬† I’m not sure what it was in its prior life, but I liked it and for $8.00 if it didn’t work out, I’m not out a lot of money.¬† I didn’t really care for the color, so I sanded it down to the bare wood and stained it in an ebony stain.

I bought blue glass knob at Anthropology to finish out the holders/hooks.  They look lovely against the white paint and the dark metal bird hooks.  My daughter has already claimed a bird hook and now wants me to put her name on it so no one else uses it. : )

TaDa!¬† The¬†finished entryway wall!¬† (I wish I could take a better picture¬†of it.¬† I have a wall in the way so I can’t stand right in front of it.¬† So you are getting angle shots.)