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Headboard Bench Makeover

bench before and after

The tutorial for this headboard bench was my first blog post in 2011. Three and a half years ago. It was definitely time for a makeover!

This bench has been all around my house, never really finding a good resting place. It’s last stop was the front porch.

But after a good cleaning and sanding, I brought the bench inside the house to paint new life into it.

Headboard Bench Makeover

I used Americana Decor Chalky Paint in “Primitive” from Home Depot. Never tried this brand of chalk paint before, but it was less expensive than some, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I like it!

bench 2

After the bench was painted, I decided to painted on words. (There’s never a plan with me!) I did it the easy way… I printed out the words using my ink jet printer.

bench 3

Then, on the flip side of the printed words, I scribbled over the letters with a pencil.

bench 4

Next, I taped the print down on the bench with green tape, then traced over the letters with a pen.

bench 5

This left pencil markings on the bench to fill in with color. I did this using a small paintbrush and black paint.

Headboard Bench Makeover

Once the paint on the letters dried, I sanded over the words to give it a weathered, faded look. That’s it!

Headboard Bench MakeoverAm I ever REALLY done though? Nope. The bench needed a little something more, so I made a couple of envelope, reversible pillows in fabric that coordinated with the bench color. (Pillow Tutorial soon.) Now I may be done. 🙂

Okay now… do I keep it or sell it at the antique booth? My mind was set to repaint and sell, but now I don’t know!

bench before and after



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DIY Framed Cork Board


cork board black and white 7.jpgA couple of years ago, I picked up these mirrors at Habitat Restore. As usual, I didn’t know what I was going to do with them, but brought them home anyway.

Making a framed cork board / bulletin board came to mind. I picked up some fabric and foam core at Hobby Lobby, then grabbed a can of Heirloom White spray paint from Home Depot.

cork b 1

First step was to disassemble them.

cork b 2

cork b 3 cork b 4

Once the mirrors were removed from the frames, I traced the outline of the opening on to a form core board. (I could have traced the mirrors, but that just occurred to me at this very moment! Duh!)

cork b 5

After I had the opening traced, I took the frames outside for several coats of Heirloom White spray paint.

cork b 9

I used an Xacto knife and my sewing straight edge to cut out the foam core.

cork b 6

Next I glued on cork board to the front of the form core, using E6000 glue as the adhesive.

cork b 7

cork b 8

Once the glue was dried. I trimmed the cork board to the size of the foam core board.

cork b 10

The final step was wrapping the foam core/cork board in fabric. I cut the fabric a couple of inches bigger than the foam core then folded over the edge and stapled it together. I also used hot glue to the edge of the seams for extra hold.  Then I hinged the two frames back together. Done!

cork board black and white 7.jpg


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DIY Votive Candle Holder

I love to go thrift shopping and treasure hunting.  I would do it everyday if I could.  But as it is, I’ll pick up something while shopping, something I had to have of course, and then I come home and can’t find a place to put it.  (That’s what closets and garages are for, right??!)

I have had this old decorative wooden architectural thing for more than a year and it just doesn’t look good anywhere in my house.  So what’s a girl to do?  Take it apart!  The wood on this piece is really cool.  Very distressed and weathered.  So I got my hammer and screwdriver out and took it apart.  I don’t know where the votive candle holder idea came from, but the idea was in my head before I began. (That doesn’t always happen.)

Oh yeah, the individual glass candle holders are from IKEA and are only $0.49 each! ( NEGLINGE Candlestick/tealight holder)

Votive Candle Holder
Votive Candle Holder
This piece was held together with small nails so taking it apart was easy.
Votive Candle Holder
Removing the nails. Always wear your safety goggles!
Votive Candle Holder
Wear safety goggle when using machinery too! I love my saw! : )
Votive Candle Holder
Creating the box for the candle holders.
Votive Candle Holder
I totally dig perfect miter cuts!  You missed my happy dance. ; )
Votive Candle Holder
Drilling holes for the candle holders to fit in. The white board I’m cutting is a left over piece of vertical blinds. It’s the valance piece used to hide the blind’s hardware.
Votive Candle Holder
The glass candle holder fits! Woohoo!!
Votive Candle Holder
I’m using a dark metallic spray paint. I liked the idea of the old weathered wood with the newer dark-colored wood.
Quarter rounds were cut to border the piece with the holes. That was spray painted as well.
I wrapped painters tape around the holder while the wood glue dries.
Votive Candle Holder
I added rock and marbles to the base. I LIKE it!
Votive Candle Holder
DIY votive holder using repurposed wood
There you go. Repurpose, Redo, Reuse!

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