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Headboard Bench Makeover

bench before and after

The tutorial for this headboard bench was my first blog post in 2011. Three and a half years ago. It was definitely time for a makeover!

This bench has been all around my house, never really finding a good resting place. It’s last stop was the front porch.

But after a good cleaning and sanding, I brought the bench inside the house to paint new life into it.

Headboard Bench Makeover

I used Americana Decor Chalky Paint in “Primitive” from Home Depot. Never tried this brand of chalk paint before, but it was less expensive than some, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I like it!

bench 2

After the bench was painted, I decided to painted on words. (There’s never a plan with me!) I did it the easy way… I printed out the words using my ink jet printer.

bench 3

Then, on the flip side of the printed words, I scribbled over the letters with a pencil.

bench 4

Next, I taped the print down on the bench with green tape, then traced over the letters with a pen.

bench 5

This left pencil markings on the bench to fill in with color. I did this using a small paintbrush and black paint.

Headboard Bench Makeover

Once the paint on the letters dried, I sanded over the words to give it a weathered, faded look. That’s it!

Headboard Bench MakeoverAm I ever REALLY done though? Nope. The bench needed a little something more, so I made a couple of envelope, reversible pillows in fabric that coordinated with the bench color. (Pillow Tutorial soon.) Now I may be done. 🙂

Okay now… do I keep it or sell it at the antique booth? My mind was set to repaint and sell, but now I don’t know!

bench before and after



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DIY Tin Panel Art

My antique booth partner, Crys, picked up this large metal panel at an antique fair a while back. After painting it and giving it an aged” wash, she gave it to me to frame.

framed metal picture 1

A few months back, I had picked up trim pieces at Habitat Restore just because they were $2.50 each. Ten feet pieces of decorative trim. For $2.50! For the whole thing! Amazing I tell ya. 😉

Anywho, back to the project… After measuring the tin panel, I used a miter saw and cut four pieces for trim. I attached the mitered corners together with wood glue and a pin nail gun.

framed metal picture 2

Then I used a bit of wood putty to fill in the gaps. Once the wood putty was dry, I gave the whole frame a light sanding.

framed metal picture 3

Then I used old brown paint (really old, I had to water it down!) to paint the wood frame. After a couple of coats, I was not happy with how it looked. I had black chalk paint out, (from another project I’m working on), so I decided to give that a try. I brushed a coat of the chalk paint on top of the brown paint, and it looks fabulous! Looks like stained wood, instead of painted. I love it.

frame metal picture 4

To attach frame and the tin together, I used mirror hangers. Then I used a staple gun to add more support where the tin bowed out.

DIY Tin Panel Art

This is how it looks now, on my mantel. If the tin was mine, I’d keep it! But it’s going in our booth very soon. Very easy project and a one of a kind piece of art!

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DIY Coastal Pumpkin Tutorial

Happy Tuesday! Today, over at CereusArt we are sharing a coastal pumpkin tutorial.

We mixed a little beach with my favorite season of all – Fall. What we have created is a Coastal Pumpkin! Hop over to CereusArt and check out the full tutorial. Fall is in the air!!

coastal pumpkin tutorial
Coastal Pumpkin Tutorial from Two Peas in a Pod
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Easy Habitat Restore Chair Makeover

Habitat Restore is one of my favorite places to find treasures. It’s a hit or miss kind of place. But this day was a “hit”! I found two great chairs that needed just a little help. Check out this easy chair makeover.

chair 4

I picked up these two chairs for just $15 each. They weren’t horrible looking, except for the cushion covers, but I knew right away I was going to spray paint them.

chair 7

After taking the cushions off, I wiped the chairs down and gave them a light sanding. Then brought them outside for spray painting.

chair 6

I used Rustoleum Ultra Cover Paint + Primer spray paint in Heirloom White. It took several coats to get the coverage I wanted.

chair 8

I forgot to take picture when I recovered the cushion. Sorry! I just took off the old fabric and trim and replaced it with new fabric, stapling it to the back. I made trim for the chairs using cording and fabric. The cording was hot glued to the bottom edge of the seat.

chair 10

These chairs went to our antique Booth. But I had a hard time letting them go. I love how they turned out. If I had a place to put them in my house, they would still be in my house.

chair 11.jpg

But off they went. And guess what? They sold! Our first sale! 😀

chair before and after






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Martha Stewart Decoupage Halloween Decorations

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in which I received product and payment. However, all opinions and project ideas are my own. Decoupage Halloween Decor #MSHalloween I had the opportunity to try out Martha Stewart Decoupage supplies. A box full of craft items showed up at my door. Is there anything better than that? All these supplies are available at Michael’s. Check out what was in the box! Martha Stewart Halloween Craft Supplies #MSHalloween

~ Holy Craft Supplies! 😀 ~

I decided right away I wanted to make a Halloween sign for the front door. Can you see what I used for the boards? Leftover wood planks! Those planks must multiply in my garage! They’re never gone! But they do come in handy.

Martha Stewart Halloween Creepy Sign #MSHalloween

After calming down from the new craft supply high,  I scoured the World Wide Web for ideas for Halloween signs. Once I came up with a saying, I went to work. I used Martha Stewart stencils to trace the letters. After I had all the words on the boards, I started decoupaging the Halloween paper to the board. No real plan, just randomly making each board different. I used “Matte Finish” decoupage to adhere the paper to the board and to seal it.

Martha Stewart decoupage formulas are non-yellowing, dries clear, can be used on any surface, such as glass, fabric, metal, paper or wood. It can also be used indoors or outdoors, which is perfect for Halloween decorations!

Once the decoupage dried, I painted in the lettering with orange and black paint. Next, I drilled holes in the top and bottoms of the each boards so I could attach them together with rope. I knotted the rope at each end.

Martha Stewart Creepy Halloween Sign #MSHalloween

~ There it is! The sign turned out better than I thought, actually. 😀 ~

This next project only required paper mache pumpkins, paper and decoupage. Here, depending on the pumpkin I was working on, I used either matte or sparkle decoupage. This is a project I could do all day. I found tearing paper and gluing them to a pumpkin to be very relaxing. Maybe I’m just a little weird. 😉

Martha Stewart Decoupage Pumpkins #MSHalloween

  1. Chose decoupage paper and glitter decoupage finish.
  2. Tore papers in about 1 -2 inch pieces
  3. Applied glitter decoupage to the pumpkin, then to the top of the paper to seal it.
  4. Let dry. On this pumpkin, I wrapped the stem on top with twine. That’s it!

The paints and decoupage mediums were fantastic. My favorite supplies, though, were the paint brushes! I don’t always play nice with my “toys”, but the Martha Stewart brushes cleaned up so well after each use, no matter how long I neglectfully left paint or glue on them.

Martha Stewart Creepy Halloween Sign #MSHalloween

Be aware what’s creeping up behind you!

Decoupage Pumpkins #MSHalloween Halloween Creepy Sign and Pumpkins #MSHalloween You can get more ideas from fellow crafters on Plaid’s Facebook page and Plaid on Pinterest.

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A Desk Makeover – from Dreary to Cheery!

desk before and after 2This old desk has been in my house for years.  I never wanted to get rid of it because it’s been in the family for a long time.  But it’s just not pretty, so it’s been hiding in closets or in my sewing/work room for a long time, waiting patiently for a desk makeover.

I brought it downstairs to the “library” to perhaps entice me to sit at a desk to work, instead of slouching in a chair with the computer on my lap.

Well, my slouching continued cuz the desk was just as unattractive downstairs as it was upstairs.  Go figure.

So, after calling my Mom to make sure she didn’t mind if I painted the old desk (it came from her family), I pondered for a while what to do with it.  All I knew was I was going to cover the top of the desk with a new top.  I didn’t like the way the top of the desk was smaller than the length of the desk.  It not only looked odd, it was a dust collector.  Then I just went for it. 😉

desk before
The desk before. Old and not very pretty. It needed a little update.
desk drawers outside
After removing the old handles, I used wood putty to fill in the holes. Then outside they went for a good sanding.
desk drawers sanded
After he drawers were sanded, I brought them back inside for primer and paint.  (Too hot to work outside!)
desk drawers primer
Once the drawers were primed, I painted the fronts a light blueish-gray.
desk drawers painted
I did three coats of paint, sanding with a fine grade sandpaper in between coats.
desk primed
The desk was sanded and primed, then painted white, in a satin finish. It took several coats to cover, and I sanded in between coats as well.  It’s amazing what a difference sanding between coats makes to the finish product.
desk primed and painted
The desk is sitting upside down because I did not refinish the top. Instead, I purchased stain-able birch plywood and had Lowes cut it to the size I wanted. I finished off the birch plywood edges with decorative trim. Then the whole top was stained with Minwax Dark Walnut.
(The original desk top is set in, making it smaller than the length and width of the desk. I wanted the top to be bigger than the length of the desk to have a larger surface to work on.)
desk drawer pulls
I picked up drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. Gotta love that!!’
desk knobs close up
The edges of the drawers were sanded for an aged look.
desk complete
The finished desk!

desk before and after



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Turning an Antique Door into a Clock

clock door finishedHere’s an easy way to give an antique door (that you just had to have, Laurie!) a purpose besides sitting in a corner looking pretty.

Turn it into a clock!  I picked up this old door at an antique store a couple of years ago. It’s been all around the house, in just about every corner.  It was already painted with chalk paint on one side.  The other side was left in its old, painted, peely state.

I picked up a clock hand set at Hobby Lobby for $19.99.  Most are not that expensive, but I needed giant hands for this clock project.  The package comes with the hands and the battery pack that goes on the other side.

clock hands

The clock hand package did not come with instructions.  I’m not sure why.  All it said was that the hands could be painted.  It’s not hard to figure out how to put the clock together, since the pieces can only fit a certain way, but frustrating nonetheless.

I found the “center” of the chalkboard area and drilled a hole through the door,  The battery mechanism goes on the back side of the door, with the screws and hands on the front side.

clock numbers

I considered just using chalk to write in the numbers on the clock, but decided on printing out numbers and cutting my own stencils instead.  Chalk would have saved me a lot of trouble though… Keep reading,

clock cup bottom

Word of warning…  Read the can label, people!  The spray paint I picked up was for outdoors. Pretty heavy-duty stuff!  It was not my intention to use outdoor paint, but I liked the color.  And I didn’t read the label on the can.  And because I was not cautious enough, the paint ATE right through the plastic cup.   Why was there spray paint in a plastic cup?  Because I needed a bit of paint to stencil the numbers with. But now there’s a not-so-lovely ring of paint on my console table from the melting cup.   AND it won’t wash off because I bought outdoor crazy paint.

Can you guess what my next project is going to be?  (Aren’t you glad I make these mistakes for you??  Now you don’t need to be a dumb dumb like me.)  😉

clock spill 2

My next project…  Refinishing the table top!

clock door finished

Despite the mess I made, I’m happy with this project.  And to my amazement, it actually keeps time.  Now I have an old door leaning in a corner with a useful purpose. 😀

clock before and after

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Renewing Your Garage Steps

garage paint

Painting garage steps would not normally be on my radar of things to do. But but my friend, Janet, sent me before and after pictures of her newly painted garage steps and they look awesome!  She kindly offered to let me use her paint to do my steps, so I decided to give a go.  Free is good, right??

This product is called Rescue It!” by Olympic.  It’s a wood and concrete resurfacer that seals weathered or damaged wood.  Janet bought this paint at Lowes, where she was told people rave about the stuff.  It really did a fantastic job!  It sealed the wood on my stairs and hand rail.  Now my garage has pretty steps.  Who knew I even cared!  Ha!!

renewing garage steps
I brushed off the steps to get rid of dirt and cobwebs. I did not give them a big scrubbing. (Mostly ‘cuz I’m lazy.)
renewing garage steps
Next I taped off the back of the steps (the vertical wood) and painted the steps with Rescue It!. I also painted the railing.  My Dad will be happy to see this! No more splinters. 😉

garage steps

After two coats of Rescue It dried, I taped off the brown edges to paint the vertical wood a Glossy White. And that’s it! It may not be completely dry until Christmas ‘cuz of all the rain we’ve been getting these days, but they look good! 😀

renewing your garage steps

janet stairs before and after

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DIY Framed Mirror

Framed MirrorA lot of people take down their “builder grade” bathroom mirror and replace them with a store-bought framed mirror or simply add a frame to the existing mirror.  I did.  Every last one of them has been changed in some way.  And the mirrors I took down found a home in the back of my closet.  ‘Cuz one never knows when you might wish you had a mirror. 😉

What I wanted to make was a big floor mirror.  You know, the kind that leans against the wall. Sadly, all the mirrors I had saved were not tall enough.  On to plan B… a mirror for my entryway table.

I had all the materials on hand, except for two pieces of moulding I wanted to stain.  I picked those up at Lowes for around $10.00.  Even though, at some point, I did purchase all the wood and supplies I used for this project, since I can’t remember when, or for how much, it’s automatically “free”!  (That’s how it works in my head, anyway.)  So in other words, this is a $10.00 project!!

Framed Mirror

I had the plywood cut to the size I wanted.  It’s about 2 inches bigger than the mirror on all sides.  After applying mirror adhesive to the plywood board, I placed the mirror down and added weights to help secure it.  My “weights” for this project were books, magazines and baskets of laundry in need of folding.  You use what ya got. (And what you got a lot of! :D)


Next, the trim was added.  My cuts did not turn out perfect, but wood putty saved the day.


More moulding!  This time my miter cuts were much better!

PIC 10

I used wood glue as well as my nail gun to attach the wood together.  I LOVE that nail gun!  After wood putty and sanding, I taped off the glass before painting the frame an off-white.

PIC 11

Used two coats of paint, sanding after each coat.

PIC 13

I distressed the edges and corners of the frame with sandpaper.  Then, using leftover dark brown paint, I dry brushed a very little bit of paint on the high spots of the frame to make it look old and weathered.

PIC 14

A slightly wet paper towel worked perfect for wiping off any spots that had too much paint.

PIC 15

The last trim piece I added was to the inside frame.  For contrast, I stained the trim a dark walnut.  Be sure to stain both sides of the moulding before attaching.  The mirror will reflect the back side of the trim, so you will want it cohesive.  Once the stain was dry, I attached the moulding to the mirror with clear silicon adhesive.

PIC 16

A close up look at the painted frame.

Framed Mirror

It’s finished!  Now I’m thinkin’ the table needs to be repainted.  Same color as the mirror??? 😀  My work here is never done. 😉

Framed Mirror

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Reupholstering A Chair

group 10I’m not a reupholstering expert AT ALL.  When I picked up this $20.00 rocker at an antique show, I thought I would just add more fluff to the chair then recover it with new fabric.  You know… reupholstering a chair the “I’ll wing it” way.  😉  Thank goodness I didn’t do that!  The fabric was so old, it was almost crunchy.  As I took the fabric and the layer of cotton off the chair, I discovered it was stuffed with hay.  Yes, HAY.  Can we say fire hazard??

The chair needed to be stripped down to the bones.  That meant I was going to have to build it back up.  While I’m sure this chair is not put together the “expert” way, it worked, looks pretty good, and it’s very comfy to sit in.  What more can you ask of a chair?

upholstery chair
Here is what it looked like before. The fabric shredded as I pulled it off.
reupholster chair
Hay! I had to put on a face mask during the deconstruction of this chair. The dust and goodness knows what else that came from the chair gave me an instant wicked headache. I would recommend wearing a mask anytime to take something apart!  You just never know where it’s been.
reupholster chair
After the chair was fabric and hay free, I gave it a couple of coats of white spray paint.
reupholster chair
Wide webbing was nowhere to be found, so narrow webbing was used to wrap the chair. Only the back needed webbing, as the seat still had really good springs. The next step was adding batting to the entire chair.
Now fabric… After centering the medallion in the fabric on the chair, I used a staple gun to attach it to the back. The extra fabric was trimmed off.
group 5
I used a piece of 1 inch foam for the back of the seat before I started to recover. The original chair had a piece of wood on the back, but after adding the webbing, wood was not necessary. Three inch foam was used to cover the seat.
reupholster chair
I added a separate piece of fabric, with the edges turned under, to the leg where to seat and the chair back meets. It was easier than trying to cut the fabric just right to cover that area. And the original covering was put together like that.
Using another piece of fabric on the back side, I turned under the edges here too, then stapled it, following the outline of the shape of the chair. To cover up the staples, I’m going to glue coordinated cording to it.
group 7
I used a piece of cotton material that I had to cover the bottom of the chair. Again, I turned under the edges and stapled as I went.
group 8
Here is the finished chair. I actually liked reupholstering! If I can do it, you can do it too. 😀


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