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Making Miniatures

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted any projects. But not for lack of projects though…

My BFF, Kerry and I are on a mini adventure. Dollhouse miniatures actually. We have been making miniatures for a year now, and we finally got the courage to open an Etsy store. We are calling our store “2 Stinkin’ Cute Minis“.

It all started last year when I wanted to make a miniature bakery for Kerry. She loves to bake (and she’s really good at it!) and has dreamed of having her own bakery business one day.

Since I couldn’t give her an actual bakery, I made a mini one for her. It was oodles of fun!! Never did anything mini before, but I loved everything about it… playing with clay, creating accessories and making furniture.

Once Kerry received her mini bakery, she was hooked too. So for the past year we’ve been experimenting, thinking, and making. Now my favorite part of making miniatures is the furniture. LOVE it! LOVE! I like to find pictures of furniture pieces as inspiration and make a mini replica. Kerry loves to make miniature accessories and decorating the furniture pieces with them. We’re a perfect team!

So I will be sharing some of our creations with you soon. Until then, here are a few pieces already completed.



Inspire Me

An Awesome Handmade Gift

By now most of you have heard me talk about my BBB (Best Blogging Buddy). Way back in 2011, Dana, from CereusArt, was my first “like” and my first follower”. She’s been with me on this blogging journey ever since. We were even able to meet, in person, at a blogging conference last year. And she still likes me!! Ha!

Dana loves the beach and everything it represents. She owns an Etsy shop where she sells beach related items, and she also make her own handmade gift items. One of the my favorite items from her shop has been her starfish Santa ornaments. They are usually sports related… basketball, golf, etc.,

Well, a package arrived from her this week. I wasn’t expecting anything, so when I saw it was from Dana, I quickly tore open the box. It was one of her Santas! Holding a HAMMER!! Perfect for a DIY girl! 😀 Handmade gift with a hammer!!  

I love, love, love it!! Thank you, Dana, my bestest BBB in the whole wide world! 

Handmade Gift
Starfish Santa with Hammer – CereusArt
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DIY Rope Towel Holder

DIY Rope Towel HolderMy son’s bathroom makeover has a beachy feel to it.  (You can see the DIY makeover HERE.)  It’s not done with fish or shells or boats, but it does have white horizontal wall planks and blue/gray walls.  It has that beach cottage-ish look.   The bathroom is finished, except for a towel holder. I could have put the old one back up, but that would have been too easy! (And boring.) 😉

I knew what I wanted to do for the towel holder, but I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for to make it.  I wanted the towel holder to be made of rope with nautical/metal looking hardware to attach it to the wall.  Finding the rope was easy.  The hardware, not so much.  Luckily for me, my Hubby came along on this quest and eventually we found what we needed.

Here’s how it was made…

DIY Rope Towel Holder supplies
Hardware I picked up at Lowes
DIY Rope Towel Holder supplies
The parts are called: 3/8 inch Galv. Floor Flange, 3/8 inch Galv. Tee, and 3/8 inch Galv. Steel Pipe Nipple
DIY Rope Towel Holder supplies
Steel Pipe is screwed in to the Floor Flange
DIY Rope Towel Holder supplies
The Tee is then screwed on to the Steel Pipe
DIY Rope Towel Holder supplies
I cut a thin strip of tape to wrap around the ends of the rope so it would not fray. Then I added glue (E6000) to the openings of the Tee, and pushed the rope ends in.
DIY Rope Towel Holder
I used 4mm Craft Cord to wrap around the rope.
towel holder 4
I wrapped the craft cord around the rope a few times until I got the look I wanted.  The cord is knotted in the back. I cut most of the extra cord ends off, then glued the ends down with more E6000.
DIY Rope Towel Holder
The towel holder is attached to the wall with four screw in the Floor Flange.
DIY Rope Towel Holder
DIY Towel Holder – super easy! Cheap to make! Cost less than $20.00 to make two towel holders.

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Key Fob Tutorial

key fob rowsI’m sure you all have seen key fobs.  They are those cool wrist straps you attach your keys to.  Do you know how easy and inexpensive they are to make?

I will show you in just a sec…

I buy the webbing and key fob hardware from sellers on Etsy.  That is the only place I have ever seen supplies.  (Which is perfectly ok ‘cuz I love Etsy!)  The fabric used is simple cotton/quilter’s fabric.  You could use ribbon as well, but I prefer fabric.

FYI – they make fabulous Christmas gifts for teachers, school faculty and bus drivers.  You can use them as stocking stuffers, gift exchanges or even an attach one to a bow on top of a present.  (I have made the ones below to sell at a Christmas open house a friend is having.)

webbing cutting2
Cut the webbing 10 inches
10 inch strip
Cuts strips of cotton fabric 2 inches wide by 10 inches long
iron in half
Fold in half and press with an iron lightly to make a crease.
folding edges
Unfold and bring both side to the center crease. Iron flat.
stitch witch
Stitch Witchery
stitch witch 2
Tear or cut Stitch Witchery the length of webbing.
ironing fabric to strap
Place fabric strip (folded side down) on top of Stitch Witchery and iron.
sewing fabric
Sew a straight line down each side of the fabric about 1/8 inch in for the side of the fabric.  I used clear thread so I didn’t have to keep switching thread color.
fray check
Fold the key fob in half and sew the short end together. This doesn’t need to be all the way across, just enough to hold it together.
I use Fray Check on the ends of the webbing and the fabric and about 1/4 inch down the sides of the key fob. Not a necessary step, but it prevents the material from fraying.
Use pliers to pinch the key fob hardware shut. Make sure you wrap a towel or some sort of material around the pliers or around the end of the key fob to prevent scratches or dents.
key fob finished sample
The finished product.
key fobs circle
All of these, and then some, were made for around $25.00.  😀
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DIY Hand Painted Wood Sign

Happy Friday!

Last weekend, a couple of my girl friends and I went to a big antique show.  It was so exciting!!  (I will have to do a blog on the crazy things I picked up.)  Towards the end of the day, we came across these cool wood doors.  Piles of them.  For only $2.00 each!  I picked up eight of them without having an idea what I was going to do with them.  (That happens a lot!)

One of my friends suggested making hand painted wood signs for the Holidays.  Here’s how I did it.

I printed out the words I wanted to use.  Not having tracing paper, I just took a regular pencil and scribbled on the back side of the letters.  Then I traced the outline of the letters and the pencil mark transferred to the wood door.  Woohoo!

Now the tricky part for me was filling in the letters.  I only had paint and a paint brush, reading glasses and one working eye!  Depth perception is not my strong point!  It took me FOREVER to paint the letters.  Either I thought I was touching the wood with my paint brush and wasn’t or I aimed for the outlines and completely missed.  If it wasn’t so frustrating, it would have been comical!  I would strongly suggest a paint pen.  I didn’t have one.  And two working eyes would be helpful too. 😉

I should mention that before I painted the letters, I gave the center section a coat of off-white chalk paint.  (I still didn’t know what design I was doing at this point.)  After the letters were painted on, I painted the rest of the front with the chalk paint.  Then I taped off diagonals lines with blue tape and painted them red.  After the red paint dried, I sanded everything to distress it a bit then I applied a light-colored wax to seal it and age the off-white paint a little more.

And here it is… This House Believes.  And this house also believes you can Do-It-Yourself.  Had to throw that in! 😉  Just FYI… Doors in many different shapes and sizes can be found at your local Habitat Restore.  Some used, some new, and they cost very little.

I’m going to put eye hooks in the top edge of the sign and use either ribbon or a small chain to hang it outside the front door.  Maybe embellish it a bit with Christmas picks or decorations.

This was really an easy project to do!  And the first Christmas thing I’ve done so far.  I love the Holidays!  Have you started to think about decorating for the Holidays yet?


Pottery Barn Pillows

I love Pottery Barn!  But I don’t always love the prices.  I was browsing around the store recently and saw these beautiful napkins.  They were $6.50 each.  Kinda pricey to wipe your hands on (if you ask me), but cheapo for pillows.  Inspiration hit!  I have been looking for pillows for my sofa but not diggin anything I’ve seen.  I picked up four napkins, costing under $30.00.  I had plenty of fabric at home to use for the backs, so there was no additional cost.

To make the pillows, first iron the napkins.  Determine the size pillow cover you want and cut the fabric accordingly, adding 1/2 inch seam allowance all the way around.  (I made two 20 inch and two 18 inch pillows.)  For the envelope style back, cut two pieces of coordinating fabric 1/2 the length of the pillow plus 6 inches.  Fold the seam of both back pieces 1 1/2 inches and iron then fold again two inches, iron and sew the edge of the seam.  With right sides together, sew 1/2 inch seam on all four sides, turn right side out and iron.  Voila!

Potter Barn napkins $6.50 each
I made two 20 inch pillows and two 18 inch pillows
Depending on size of your pillow, cut the seam off…
or rip seam out for more material
1 1/2 inch seam, then fold over two inches and sew the edge of the seam
Envelope back