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Antique Booth Display Shelves

I’ve had a booth at an Antique Mall for more than a year and a half now. In that time I have realized (rather quickly!) that I will not get rich anytime soon. But that’s okay… ‘cuz I’m having fun!

With that said, I don’t want to spend oodles of money on a display/storage piece that I’m not going to sell. And since my booth does not have walls, I need free-standing vertical storage/shelves to display merchandise.

So, what to do…? Make my own display shelf. I had a couple of shutters I picked up at Habitat Restore years ago. I don’t even remember my reason for buying them at the time. Because I can’t remember how much they cost either, they are technically “free” in my mind. See how that works??

shutter shelf 3

I removed some of the slats by wedging a hammer in between the slats, then twisting the hammer. (Please wear safety glasses!)

shutter shelf 6

Once the slat broke in two, the pieces came right out from the sides.

I laid the two shutters side by side to make sure I removed the correct slat in each one.

shutter shelf 2

I had a partial sheet of plywood in the garage that, magically, was the exact height of the shutters! That became the back of the display case. I attached the plywood to the shutters with wood glue and a pin nail gun.

I picked up two boards at Lowes for the shelves. They simply slide through the shutters where I removed the slats. I gave the shutters a quick paint white wash to brighten them up.

shutter shelf 4

Simple! And cheap. The boards from Lowes were $5.00 each and they cut them in half for me. Easy! I know a sewing/craft room that could use this shelf unit too!

shutter shelf 5