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One of a kind DIY Christmas Tree

One of a kind Christmas TreeOne more Christmas tree craft. I have officially run out of tree cones, so this just may be the last tree for the year…

The idea for this tree came from looking at old Christmas decorations and picks from Christmases past. They just sit in a box year after year, not used, but not being thrown away either. And I had some limpet shells left over from a recent tutorial, but not enough to do another tree. So I just started gluing parts of Christmas picks, marbles, rope and shells to see what I would come up with.

One of a kind Christmas Tree idea

First I wrapped the cone form in white felt. (Looks better than the brown color of the cone to me.)

One of a kind Christmas Tree idea

I used a mish-mash of materials I already had. That meant old Christmas picks, faux berries and leaves from candle holders, marbles, shells, rope, etc.

One of a kind Christmas Tree idea

Starting at the bottom of the cone, I hot glued each item, one at a time. Requires quite a bit of glue sticks and patience. 🙂

One of a kind Christmas Tree idea

This is what “creativity” looks like in my craft room. A happy mess!

One of a kind Christmas Tree idea

I just added row after row of different items. No plan, just winging it as I went.

One of a kind Christmas Tree idea

I had some limpet shells, from CereusArt, left over from the Limpet Shell tree tutorial, so they HAD to be added! I love the turquoise and red together. 😀

One of a kind Christmas Tree idea

Since I had all the supplies for this craft on hand, it was “free” to make. Just a bit of time and a lot of glue sticks!

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Limpet Shell Christmas Tree

Two Peas in a Pod Tutorial ImageCheck out our new Two Peas in A Pod Tutorial at CereusArt. We are getting ready for the holidays and this limpet shell Christmas tree is an easy, yet beautiful DIY project to do. The shells are so gorgeous, you’re going to want to make a bunch!

DIY Limpet Shell Christmas Tree

Limpet Shell Christmas Tree Tutorial
The limpet shell Christmas tree has found it’s home with my paper houses. This gorgeous tree is one of my favorite Christmas project so far!
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Music Sheet Christmas Trees

Happy Friday!

I’m on a kick this year with handmade Christmas trees.  I can’t stop making them.  I’m sure you have seen music sheet Christmas trees on Pinterest.  I was lucky enough to win a vintage music sheet give-a-away from The Modage Cottage.  The music sheets are old and beautifully discolored.  Absolutely lovely!!  Once my package arrived in the mail, I knew what I was going to do with them.

Here’s how I made the trees…

sheet music
This is only SOME of the sheets of music I received. I have oodles left!
I used a 2 inch scalloped paper punch.
paper punched
Punch many, many pieces.
paper with cuts
At each scallop, cut half way up.
rolled up
Roll the paper around a pencil (or crochet hook!) to give the paper a curl.
first paper
I used both paper mache cones and Styrofoam cones. Either one will work. Using a glue gun, start at the bottom and work your way around. Overlap the previous square a bit.
almost finished
When you get closer to the top, it helps to cut the squares in half. This allows the paper to wrap around the smaller part of the cone easier.
trees and deers
Here they are!  I did three, in various sizes. Two of the cones where paper mache, and one was Styrofoam.
close up base
I picked up the wood bases last month at the Metrolina Antique Show here in Charlotte. $2.00 each!!  I believe they were wood feet to a couch or chair.
close up trees
This project was super easy to do and probably one of my favorite Christmas craft project I’ve done in a long time. Thank you, Kristen, for the vintage music sheets!

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DIY Twine Christmas Trees

I know it’s not Thanksgiving yet, but I’m already making/thinking Christmas decorations.  Tis the Season ya know!

Making Christmas trees is one of the easiest projects to do.  Last year I made these trees from Styrofoam and yarn.

This year I want to add some “natural” looking decorations.  I had twine.  I had Mod Podge.  I did not have Styrofoam trees.  Below you can see my “rough” tree form.  I use plastic sheets I bought for some reason that is no longer in my memory.  It’s the stuff used to make crafts with yarn and a needle.  Anyway, I folded it in a cone shape and used duct tape to hold it together.  Not pretty, but it worked.

My supplies. I had all these things already so technically, it was a “free” project. 😀
I started at the top of the cone, using a paperclip to keep the twine in place. (Yes, that is paint on my hand. Earlier that day I painted my parents garage.)
Still going. It really doesn’t take long at all. I wanted to keep the twine close together, but you can leave gaps if you prefer that look.
When I got to the end, I used another paperclip to hold the twine in place at the bottom.
I placed the tree on top of a glass to glue. That way I can spin the cone around without getting messy with glue.
Using a sponge brush, I “painted” the cone with Mod Podge.
I really put the glue on thick, then left it overnight to dry. Once try, I pried it away from the plastic cone form. And that’s it. I made another tree the same size, and one larger using a larger form.
They look great grouped together. There’s a lot you can add to these. Before the glue dries, you can add glitter or snow flakes. Glue small ornaments, buttons, or add ribbon. Options are endless.

The twine was purchased at Lowes awhile ago. I made these from the same spool and have oodles of twine left. Oooh the possibilities!


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