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TPiaP Tutorial Series – Sea Glass Clock

It’s Two Peas in a Pod Tuesday! That means House of 34 and CereusArt are sharing another beach themed DIY tutorial with you.

Mosey on over to CereusArt to check out the full “how-to” on this DIY Sea Glass Clock!

DIY Sea Glass Clock from CereusArt and House of 34


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DIY Projects & Decor, Two Peas Tutorials

Shell Topped Bottles Tutorial

Two Peas 2

Hello Peeps! Check out Two Peas in a Pod at CereusArt for another fun beach themed tutorial.

This time we are showing you how to make your own DIY Shell Topped Bottles. They are beautiful, and easy to make, with a removable cork to allow you to change your mind what to put inside!

Pop over to CereusArt to view the full Tutorial. Enjoy!

seashell topped bottles tutorial from two peas in a pod


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DIY Starfish Napkin Holder Tutorial

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DIY Projects & Decor, Tutorials, Two Peas Tutorials

Seashell Door Stop Tutorial

Two Peas 2

Today, we are sharing another DIY tutorial over at CereusArt. Our 2nd Two Peas in a Pod tutorial is a beach themed Seashell Door Stop. 

For this door stop, I used a natural color canvas and a teal/neutral chevron pattern fabric. It’s accessorized with sisal rope, a bamboo button and seashells from CereusArt.

Hop over to CereusArt to find the step-by-step tutorial. We are also hosting a Giveaway for this Seashell Door Stop. Just follow us on Twitter to enter.  Enjoy!

DIY Seashell Door Stop Tutorial


DIY Projects & Decor, Two Peas Tutorials

Two Peas in a Pod – DIY Starfish Napkin Holder

Two Peas 2I am excited to announce a collaboration with Dana from CereusArt.  Dana and I have been BBBs (Best Blogging Buddies) since 2011. We’re partnering on a beach craft tutorial series, called Two Peas in a Pod. Why Two Peas in a Pod? Because we are! 🙂

Dana has an Etsy shop, CereusArt, where she creates beautiful beach and wedding themed accessories. She also sells a variety of beach themed supplies to provide the DIY-er in you the opportunity to create your own unique decorations and embellishments.

We hope that you will be inspired by the tutorials in this series!  Click the link below to check out the first in our series…

Two Peas in a Pod – DIY Starfish Napkin Holder

Starfish Napkin Holder

DIY Projects & Decor

Rope Candle Holder

rope candle holder 8 Happy Weekend! I just finished up a very easy and inexpensive rope candle holder project.

I have candles everywhere. They are an easy way to decorate. And a great way to add a punch of color! But I thought they needed a bit of embellishment. 😉

Take a look… rope candle holder 1 1.  I bought the glass vase at the Dollar Store.  It worked well for this craft because it has a lip at the bottom that helped hold the rope in place.

2.  The glass was wrapped with parchment paper. Tape does not stick to parchment paper so I used a long piece of packaging tape to wrap all the way around the glass, overlapping so the end of the tape is attached to tape.

3.   To start, I cut the end of the rope at an angle so it laid flat against the glass. Hot glue the rope to glass on the first row, then hot glue rope on top of rope after that. When you have the height you want, cut the rope at an angle again so it lays flat on top of the rope below it.

4.   Almost finished!

rope candle holder 2 5.   Use decoupage glue or make your own, using white glue and water. I just added some water and Elmer’s glue in a plastic cup.

6.   Use a paintbrush to apply the glue to the rope. This is what helps the rope keep it’s round shape.

7.   Let dry for a couple of hours.

8.   Slide your rope candle holder off the glass.

9.   Peel off the parchment paper.

10.  Done! Now you have a sturdy rope candle holder. You’re gonna want to make some more. 🙂

rope candle holder 3 The candle holder fit all the candles in my house. 🙂

rope candle holder 5 The candles were a little short looking with the rope holder on it so I have the candles sitting on a glass votive holder. It makes the candles look taller, while the rope holder covers it up.

rope candle holder 6My mantle.

rope candle holder 7 Above is the rope I used for the candle holders.  I picked it up at Lowes for about $8.00. The next picture is the votive holder I used for making the candles look taller. Thanks for stopping by!

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