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Scrap Wood Coat Rack

Hello again! The project I’m sharing with you today is a simple one, but one that turned out pretty cool.

I started with scrap wood of different sizes and arranged them in a random order.

Next, I gathered different shades of wood stain and went to work staining each piece of wood a different color.

Once the stains dried, I used my Kreg drill and wood glue to attach the wood pieces together.

I added a “Welcome” plaque and metal hooks I also had stashed away.

DIY Wood Coat Rack

There you have it. A one of a kind coat rack for your entryway. I made another one similar to this and they are now in my booth at the Antique Mall.

DIY Wood Coat Rack

Scrap Wood Coat Rack

DIY projects · DIY Projects & Decor

Antique Sewing Machine Makeover

I have been keeping a look out for an old sewing machine base and I was lucky enough to happen upon one for $45! These babies usually go for over $100!

This one needed a good cleaning. After wiping it down though, it still looked dull and rusty. I found a product called Rust-oleum Rust Reformer. It covers metal with a black protective covering that stops rust and allows you to paint over it. I liked the way it looked straight out of the spray can. The mat finish was perfect.

I did cover the Singer logo and the sides with blue tape. They still had the original gold tone I wanted to maintain.

The top was made from wood I had stashed. I used Dark Walnut to stain it.

The handles on the sides were a 50% off buy from Hobby Lobby. They have the best knobs and handles!!!

This beauty is not going to make it to my booth. I’m keeping this one! 🙂

But I will be keeping my eyes open for another sewing machine base! Or two!

Antique Sewing Machine Makeover

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One of a kind DIY Christmas Tree

One of a kind Christmas TreeOne more Christmas tree craft. I have officially run out of tree cones, so this just may be the last tree for the year…

The idea for this tree came from looking at old Christmas decorations and picks from Christmases past. They just sit in a box year after year, not used, but not being thrown away either. And I had some limpet shells left over from a recent tutorial, but not enough to do another tree. So I just started gluing parts of Christmas picks, marbles, rope and shells to see what I would come up with.

One of a kind Christmas Tree idea

First I wrapped the cone form in white felt. (Looks better than the brown color of the cone to me.)

One of a kind Christmas Tree idea

I used a mish-mash of materials I already had. That meant old Christmas picks, faux berries and leaves from candle holders, marbles, shells, rope, etc.

One of a kind Christmas Tree idea

Starting at the bottom of the cone, I hot glued each item, one at a time. Requires quite a bit of glue sticks and patience. 🙂

One of a kind Christmas Tree idea

This is what “creativity” looks like in my craft room. A happy mess!

One of a kind Christmas Tree idea

I just added row after row of different items. No plan, just winging it as I went.

One of a kind Christmas Tree idea

I had some limpet shells, from CereusArt, left over from the Limpet Shell tree tutorial, so they HAD to be added! I love the turquoise and red together. 😀

One of a kind Christmas Tree idea

Since I had all the supplies for this craft on hand, it was “free” to make. Just a bit of time and a lot of glue sticks!

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Christmas Wreath

My Christmas decorating style this years has been simple and a little rustic/nature-ish. (I declare that a word.) I wanted to make a new Christmas wreath for the front door using a grapevine natural wreath form. But I got stuck. I bought a few things to add to it, including an adorable cardinal, but I couldn’t pull it together.

My BFF Kerry, came over today, and I had asked her to bring “some ribbons and stuff” with her. Well… She brought a trunk-full of goodies! OMG! Who is this girl… and why did I not know she was hoarding such great craft supplies?! Seriously!

DIY Christmas Wreath Inspiration

So while I went up to pick up some lunch for us, she got busy and brilliantly put together this one of a kind, amazing wreath. As I had struggled, all the day before, trying to come up with something clever for this wreath, she managed to come up with a masterpiece while I was gone a mile down the road for just a few minutes. She is a talented girl!

DIY Christmas Wreath Inspiration

DIY Christmas Wreath Inspiration

DIY Christmas Wreath Inspiration

DIY Christmas Wreath Inspiration

Gorgeous, huh? Sorry, she’s my best friend and you can’t have her. Or her craft supplies! I know where she lives. She will be sharing with me now. 😉


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DIY Christmas Trees

I have put together a collection of DIY Christmas trees. Most are from this year, but a few are from Christmases Past. They are fun and easy to make and don’t require a lot of time or money. Gotta love that, especially this time of year! Hope you find some Christmas tree inspiration. Enjoy!

Fun and Easy DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

  1. Wood Christmas Trees
  2. Sea Urchin Christmas Tree
  3. DIY Twine Christmas Tree
  4. No tutorial for these trees. The green trees are wrapped in green twine and the white tree is simply a cone form wrapped in white garland and decorated with small pine cone picks and topped with a pipe cleaner star. This was my daughters contribution to my tree mania this year! 😉
  5. Driftwood Christmas Tree
  6. Music Sheet Christmas Trees
  7. These 3 trees are wrapped in various materials. The first one is wrapped in 2 different burlap ribbons, with plastic buttons attached with hot glue. The middle tree is wide “birch” ribbon I picked up at a Christmas show last year, and the third tree is 2 small cone forms wrapped in sisal rope and stacked on top or each other.
  8. Limpet Shell Christmas Tree
  9. This set of trees are cone forms wrapped in different bulky textured yarns.

    Happy Christmas Tree Makin’!

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Driftwood Christmas Tree

I’ve been on a Christmas tree makin’ kick this year. All kinds… shell, burlap, ribbon, twine, music paper, etc.

Driftwood Christmas Tree tutorialThis drift wood Christmas tree kind of happened by accident. I was putting craft supplies away after making the Limpet Shell Christmas tree, and I saw the pieces of driftwood sitting in my “CereusArt” crafting box. I swear I heard driftwood voices saying “make me a Christmas tree”. 😉

So using what I already had, I followed the voices in my head and made this beach themed Christmas tree.

Materials Used:

Driftwood Christmas Tree tutorial

I originally thought I would use a scrap wood block wrapped in paper for the base, but along the way I changed my mind. Still a very cute option, all tied with a bow.

Driftwood Christmas Tree tutorial

I drilled 1/8 inch holes through each piece of driftwood. (That is the width of the dowel I used.)

DW Tree 3

Between each piece of driftwood, I wrapped the red/natural rope a couple of time around the dowel and secured it with hot glue.

DW Tree 4

Now for the base… After drilling a hole in the “gift box”, I decided I wanted the base bigger. So I drilled a hole in a piece of scrap wood. That way, I would have more surface to “decorate”.

DW Tree 5

The tree needed a little bit of decorating, so I hot glued tiny shells to a piece of white jewelry cord I had. Then the string of shells were attached to the driftwood with hot glue.

DW Tree 6

I poured decoupage glue (you could use Elmer’s Glue instead) to the base and spread it out with a paint brush. Then added Epsom Salt.

DW Tree 7

Before the glue was completely dry, I added a bit more glue and salt and tried to spread it out some more. I panicked because I ended up with a goopy mess. But it was a happy accident because I was able to “form” snow mounds. You could either call it snow or sand actually.

Driftwood Christmas Tree tutorial

I hot glued a beautiful starfish to the top of the tree and added some shells to the snow/sand. That’s it. A simple, one of a kind driftwood Christmas tree!


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Limpet Shell Christmas Tree

Two Peas in a Pod Tutorial ImageCheck out our new Two Peas in A Pod Tutorial at CereusArt. We are getting ready for the holidays and this limpet shell Christmas tree is an easy, yet beautiful DIY project to do. The shells are so gorgeous, you’re going to want to make a bunch!

DIY Limpet Shell Christmas Tree

Limpet Shell Christmas Tree Tutorial
The limpet shell Christmas tree has found it’s home with my paper houses. This gorgeous tree is one of my favorite Christmas project so far!