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Online Auction Find

I recently discovered, thanks to a friend of mine, the on-line auction site EBTH. It stands for Everything But The House. “sells furniture, jewelry, art, coins, cars, collectibles and more, in 20 cities and counting.”

And it’s awesome! And a little bit addicting too. I only bid on auctions in my neck of the woods, but you can bid on any location and have your item(s) shipped to you. The auctions last six days, so you need a little patience.

Here’s a few pieces I won in the last auction I bid on. They are now in my booth.

Birdcage Windsor Chairs
Birdcage Windsor Chairs
Bentwood Cane Seat Chair
Bent Wood Caned Seat Chair

As much as I love “treasure hunting” for items for my booth, it’s kinda nice sometimes to find cool pieces from the comfort of your favorite chair with a computer on your lap. ‘Cuz that’s how I roll! 🙂




Antique Booth, DIY projects

Why “I Roll”

Good Morning people! I thought I would write a post explaining why I named my blog ‘Cuz That’s How I Roll.

I had/have a blog already. It’s called House of 34.  And it did pretty well. You can still find it. But for whatever reason, I lost my blogging mojo. Like overnight. Gone. That was about a year and a half ago.

Since then, I’ve opened up an antique booth at Main Street Antiques. I was one of the first booths there, so I got to see the huge growth that has taken place since summer of 2014. Very exciting! I’m a novice at being a booth owner, still learning, but it’s been a fun experience, especially seeing DIY repurposed items that I have created sell.

I have done a lot of DIY projects for the booth… from storage units to display things, to unique, one of a kind home decor to sell. I started to miss sharing project and ideas, so I came to the conclusion I should blog about them again.

However, I wanted to start from scratch. That probably sound crazy after having a blog that did fairly well, but I felt like starting new, being my authentic silly, dorky self.

The name came about because I say “‘cuz that’s how I roll” all the time. It comes from me not doing rules. I don’t like rules. I’m not talking about Thou shall not kill rules, (that’s a good rule!), I’m talking about “no white after Labor Day”, “chocolate is not for breakfast”, “you need to eat ‘cuz it’s dinnertime” rules, just to name a few. Rules that someone, somewhere, made up and still hangs on, makes me cuckoo. Just BE KIND TO ALL. That rule never gets old AND NEVER goes out of style.

So I’m going to share my DIY projects with you. (My happy place is my garage!) And I’m also going to share thoughts… weird, goofy or otherwise with you too. I probably start a list of “rules” I don’t care for. You can share, agree or disagree as you wish. I do, however, have some strict “Laurie Laws”, but that’s another post…. ‘Cuz that’s how I roll. 😉

Hope you have a groovy day!

Antique Booth, DIY projects

Antique Booth Display Shelves

I’ve had a booth at an Antique Mall for more than a year and a half now. In that time I have realized (rather quickly!) that I will not get rich anytime soon. But that’s okay… ‘cuz I’m having fun!

With that said, I don’t want to spend oodles of money on a display/storage piece that I’m not going to sell. And since my booth does not have walls, I need free-standing vertical storage/shelves to display merchandise.

So, what to do…? Make my own display shelf. I had a couple of shutters I picked up at Habitat Restore years ago. I don’t even remember my reason for buying them at the time. Because I can’t remember how much they cost either, they are technically “free” in my mind. See how that works??

shutter shelf 3

I removed some of the slats by wedging a hammer in between the slats, then twisting the hammer. (Please wear safety glasses!)

shutter shelf 6

Once the slat broke in two, the pieces came right out from the sides.

I laid the two shutters side by side to make sure I removed the correct slat in each one.

shutter shelf 2

I had a partial sheet of plywood in the garage that, magically, was the exact height of the shutters! That became the back of the display case. I attached the plywood to the shutters with wood glue and a pin nail gun.

I picked up two boards at Lowes for the shelves. They simply slide through the shutters where I removed the slats. I gave the shutters a quick paint white wash to brighten them up.

shutter shelf 4

Simple! And cheap. The boards from Lowes were $5.00 each and they cut them in half for me. Easy! I know a sewing/craft room that could use this shelf unit too!

shutter shelf 5

Antique Booth, DIY projects

Old Sewing Machine Table turned Coat Rack

sewing maching front coat hookThis coat rack started out as a vintage sewing machine table. The sewing machine table was in my booth for a while and never sold. I never really liked that thing anyway, so I brought it home and took it apart because it had good legs. 😉

After removing the legs, I unscrewed the hinges that held the drop down drawer. Once the drawer was off, all that was left was the “pretty” front frame.

sewing maching front 4I used some scrap pallet board pieces to the front frame, attaching with wood glue and a nail gun. Then I added some trim pieces to frame to give it a finished look. After that, a couple of coats of white chalk paint and some distressing. Hooks and a knob and done.


Coat Rack from an old Sewing Machine

sewing maching front coat hook 2

It sold the first month I had it back in the booth. Now I’m working on a project using the sewing table legs. Stayed tuned…