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Miniature Antique Milk Jug

Hello friends! I have a miniature tutorial to share with you today.

My friends know that Lowes is my happy place. It’s like a giant craft store for me. So when I told my hubby that I needed to go down the plumbing isle, he asked “what for?” I looked at him like HE had two heads, and said “for a miniature antique milk jug, of course.” He just shook his head and let me do my thing. 🙂

The plumbing isle had some great stuff for miniatures! Think copper pots and pans. But this particular shape reminded me of an antique milk container. This piece is called a “coupling – reducing”, 1/2 x 1/4″ by Streamline..

Miniature Antique Milk Jug

Here’s how what I did…

To make a lip on the top of the “jug”, I super glued a small orthodontic rubber band do it. A thin strip of paper would work too. I wrapped a thin strip of paper to the bottom, and the handles are just thin strips of paper super glued to the sides. (Nothing makes you feel like you have the fattest fingers in the world then when you’re trying to glue something itty bitty on to something itty bitty!)

Miniature Antique Milk Jug

Next I spray painted the whole thing with ivory enamel paint. After that dried, I made a milk label on Powerpoint, printed it, then glued it to the front of the jug.

Miniature Antique Milk Jug

And that’s it! Think outside the box when you’re making miniatures. You’ll be amazed at what you will find. And remember… Lowes is not just a home improvement store. It’s a mega think outside of the box craft store!

Miniature Antique Milk Jug
Miniature Antique Milk Jug

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