Antique Booth, DIY projects

Why “I Roll”

Good Morning people! I thought I would write a post explaining why I named my blog ‘Cuz That’s How I Roll.

I had/have a blog already. It’s called House of 34.  And it did pretty well. You can still find it. But for whatever reason, I lost my blogging mojo. Like overnight. Gone. That was about a year and a half ago.

Since then, I’ve opened up an antique booth at Main Street Antiques. I was one of the first booths there, so I got to see the huge growth that has taken place since summer of 2014. Very exciting! I’m a novice at being a booth owner, still learning, but it’s been a fun experience, especially seeing DIY repurposed items that I have created sell.

I have done a lot of DIY projects for the booth… from storage units to display things, to unique, one of a kind home decor to sell. I started to miss sharing project and ideas, so I came to the conclusion I should blog about them again.

However, I wanted to start from scratch. That probably sound crazy after having a blog that did fairly well, but I felt like starting new, being my authentic silly, dorky self.

The name came about because I say “‘cuz that’s how I roll” all the time. It comes from me not doing rules. I don’t like rules. I’m not talking about Thou shall not kill rules, (that’s a good rule!), I’m talking about “no white after Labor Day”, “chocolate is not for breakfast”, “you need to eat ‘cuz it’s dinnertime” rules, just to name a few. Rules that someone, somewhere, made up and still hangs on, makes me cuckoo. Just BE KIND TO ALL. That rule never gets old AND NEVER goes out of style.

So I’m going to share my DIY projects with you. (My happy place is my garage!) And I’m also going to share thoughts… weird, goofy or otherwise with you too. I probably start a list of “rules” I don’t care for. You can share, agree or disagree as you wish. I do, however, have some strict “Laurie Laws”, but that’s another post…. ‘Cuz that’s how I roll. 😉

Hope you have a groovy day!


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