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DIY Bird Nest

Ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere… even when you’re not looking!

DIY Burlap Bird NestI was fraying the edges of burlap pillows (tutorial to come) and ended up with a pile of burlap string. The pillows I was making were in two different colors of burlap, so the pile looked kinda cool. In my head, it looked like the makings of a bird nest!

Now my head was now spinning! 😉 Here’s how I made a nest from burlap strings…

First, I put all the frayed burlap strings in a plastic bowl.

burlap nest 2

Then I frayed even more burlap…

burlap nest 3

And added some pieces of twine and cut-up pages from an old book left over from a project.

burlap nest 4

Once I had a bowl full of burlap, twine and book pages, I mixed Elmer’s Glue with water to thin it out.

burlap nest 5

Next, I poured the watered down glue into the bowl of string and paper. I swirled it around and even got my hand in there to disperse the glue a bit.

burlap nest 6

After the mixing was done, I began pressing the mixture in a bowl, adding pieces of clumped burlap string to the bottom, then the sides, in a circular motion.

burlap nest 7

I let the nest dry overnight. The next day, I carefully removed it from the bowl and viola! A bird’s nest!

DIY Burlap Bird Nest

So easy! And it didn’t cost a thing. Love that. I will show you what I did with the bird nest soon…

DIY Burlap Bird Nest

 Inspiration can come from anywhere! Even in burlap strings. 😉

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