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Driftwood Christmas Tree

I’ve been on a Christmas tree makin’ kick this year. All kinds… shell, burlap, ribbon, twine, music paper, etc.

Driftwood Christmas Tree tutorialThis drift wood Christmas tree kind of happened by accident. I was putting craft supplies away after making the Limpet Shell Christmas tree, and I saw the pieces of driftwood sitting in my “CereusArt” crafting box. I swear I heard driftwood voices saying “make me a Christmas tree”. ūüėČ

So using what I already had, I followed the voices in my head and made this beach themed Christmas tree.

Materials Used:

Driftwood Christmas Tree tutorial

I originally thought I would use a scrap wood block wrapped in paper for the base, but along the way I changed my mind. Still a very cute option, all tied with a bow.

Driftwood Christmas Tree tutorial

I drilled 1/8 inch holes through each piece of driftwood. (That is the width of the dowel I used.)

DW Tree 3

Between each piece of driftwood, I wrapped the red/natural rope a couple of time around the dowel and secured it with hot glue.

DW Tree 4

Now for the base… After drilling a hole in the “gift box”, I decided I wanted the base bigger. So I drilled a hole in a piece of scrap wood. That way, I would have more surface to “decorate”.

DW Tree 5

The tree needed a little bit of decorating, so I hot glued tiny shells to a piece of white jewelry cord I had. Then the string of shells were attached to the driftwood with hot glue.

DW Tree 6

I poured decoupage glue (you could use Elmer’s Glue instead) to the base and spread it out with a paint brush. Then added Epsom Salt.

DW Tree 7

Before the glue was completely dry, I added a bit more glue and salt and tried to spread it out some more. I panicked because I ended up with a goopy mess. But it was a happy accident because I was able to “form” snow mounds. You could either call it snow or sand actually.

Driftwood Christmas Tree tutorial

I hot glued a beautiful starfish to the top of the tree and added some shells to the snow/sand. That’s it. A simple, one of a kind driftwood Christmas tree!


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Limpet Shell Christmas Tree

Two Peas in a Pod Tutorial ImageCheck out our new Two Peas in A Pod Tutorial at CereusArt. We are getting ready for the holidays and this limpet shell Christmas tree is an easy, yet beautiful DIY project to do. The shells are so gorgeous, you’re going to want to make a bunch!

DIY Limpet Shell Christmas Tree

Limpet Shell Christmas Tree Tutorial
The limpet shell Christmas tree has found it’s home with my paper houses. This gorgeous tree is one of my favorite Christmas project so far!
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Wood Christmas Trees

Witwood trees on mantelh the weather cooler and the holidays approaching, I have been in the mood to be in the garage, with power tools, working on projects.:) TOOLS ARE COOL I say!

These wood Christmas trees cost me zero dollars to make. And they were EASY! I had plywood left-over from who-can-even-remember-what, and I used pieces of scrap of wood I had saved.


  • plywood
  • scrap wood
  • jigsaw
  • sandpaper
  • wood glue
  • wood stain

wood tree 1

For these trees, I used an image from the computer, enlarged it on my printer, then cut it out for a template. If you are brave or a good drawer, you can free hand it. Me… not so much.

wood tree 2

This is the first time I used a jigsaw. Gasp! I know! I don’t have one of my own. (Hint Hint to those who want to get the perfect Laurie Christmas gift.;) ) Just take your time and go slow. It’s actually fun. To this nerd DIY-er anyway! I could have cut out trees all day.

wood tree 3.jpg

I cut out 3 trees. Two the same size and one 130% bigger. Then I used a mouse sander to smooth all the edges.

wood tree 4

I tested every stain I had on hand on scrap wood and didn’t like any of the colors. Too dark, Too red, or not enough color. Luckily for me, I have DIY-er friends and neighbors, so I borrowed this stain (and the jigsaw) from my Antique Booth partner, Crys. This color is Golden Oak by Cabot, and just the color I was looking for.

wood tree 5

Love the color! I used a stain sponge to apply the stain.

wood tree 6

Once the stain dried, I took the trees inside. It’s dark now, and cold in my garage. I didn’t have the patience to wait another day, so now I’m working in my craft room.

wood tree 7

I used scrap wood, already stained the color you see, and glued it to the back of the tree, for the trunk.

wood tree 8

This is scrap wood from an old frame I cut up a while ago. These are the stand for the trees. Normally, if I were a patient DIY-er, I would have used my nail gun to attach these pieces to the tree trunk, but since I’m inside now and it’s late, it’s wood glue and rubber bands. (‘cuz they’re quiet.)

wood tree 9

I did let these dry overnight. Then I removed the rubber bands.

wood Christmas trees

The final step…Add a little bit of faux snow to some of the tree branches and gift wrap some wood blocks to look like presents. Simple and cheap!

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Glass Vase Display for the Holidays

I know it’s not yet Thanksgiving, but I’m ready for Winter and Christmas! Well, not ready¬†exactly, but very excited.

Holiday Glass Vase DisplayI’ve been having fun making some new Christmas decorations this year. After finishing the bird nest last week, I put together a Holiday glass vase display using the bird nest, along with some other supplies I already had on hand.


  • Glass vase – I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby a couple of months ago. 50% off!
  • Faux snow and/or Epsom salt
  • Faux tree branch
  • Small ornaments, berries, pine cones

bird jar 1

I mixed some faux snow and Epsom salt together, then poured into the glass vase.

bird jar 2

Using a Christmas “pick” from years past, I trimmed it down and placed it on top of the snow.

bird jar 3

Added the nest. (Burlap nest tutorial is here…)

bird jar 4

Then the bird…

Glass Vase Display for the Holidays

Added some faux berries and some small pine cones. Centerpiece complete. Very simple, inexpensive, and very cute!

Glass Vase Display for the Holidays


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DIY Bird Nest

Ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere… even when you’re not looking!

DIY Burlap Bird NestI was fraying the edges of burlap pillows (tutorial to come) and ended up with a pile of burlap string. The pillows I was making were in two different colors of burlap, so the pile looked kinda cool. In my head, it looked like the makings of a bird nest!

Now my head was now spinning! ūüėČ Here’s how I made a nest from burlap strings…

First, I put all the frayed burlap strings in a plastic bowl.

burlap nest 2

Then I frayed even more burlap…

burlap nest 3

And added some pieces of twine and cut-up pages from an old book left over from a project.

burlap nest 4

Once I had a bowl full of burlap, twine and book pages, I mixed Elmer’s Glue with water to thin it out.

burlap nest 5

Next, I poured the watered down glue into the bowl of string and paper. I swirled it around and even got my hand in there to disperse the glue a bit.

burlap nest 6

After the mixing was done, I began pressing the mixture in a bowl, adding pieces of clumped burlap string to the bottom, then the sides, in a circular motion.

burlap nest 7

I let the nest dry overnight. The next day, I carefully removed it from the bowl and viola! A bird’s nest!

DIY Burlap Bird Nest

So easy! And it didn’t cost a thing. Love that. I will show you what I did with the bird nest soon…

DIY Burlap Bird Nest

¬†Inspiration can come from anywhere! Even in burlap strings. ūüėČ

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