Inspire Me

An Awesome Handmade Gift

By now most of you have heard me talk about my BBB (Best Blogging Buddy). Way back in 2011, Dana, from CereusArt, was my first “like” and my first follower”. She’s been with me on this blogging journey ever since. We were even able to meet, in person, at a blogging conference last year. And she still likes me!! Ha!

Dana loves the beach and everything it represents. She owns an Etsy shop where she sells beach related items, and she also make her own handmade gift items. One of the my favorite items from her shop has been her starfish Santa ornaments. They are usually sports related… basketball, golf, etc.,

Well, a package arrived from her this week. I wasn’t expecting anything, so when I saw it was from Dana, I quickly tore open the box. It was one of her Santas! Holding a HAMMER!! Perfect for a DIY girl! 😀 Handmade gift with a hammer!!  

I love, love, love it!! Thank you, Dana, my bestest BBB in the whole wide world! 

Handmade Gift
Starfish Santa with Hammer – CereusArt

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