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Inexpensive Display Shelf

Ever since we rented a booth at an Antique Mall, we have been looking for inexpensive ways to display small items we’re selling. We’re working on several pieces of furniture to put our space, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of time or money on something we’re only using as a display shelf.

So, what to do…? I had a couple of shutters I picked up at Habitat Restore years ago. I don’t even remember my reason for buying them at the time. Because I can’t remember how much they cost either, they are technically “free” in my mind. See how that works??

shutter display shelf

I removed some of the slats by wedging a hammer in between the slats, then twisting the hammer. (Please wear safety glasses!)

shutter shelf 2

Once the slat broke in two, the pieces came right out from the sides.

shutter shelf 3

I laid the two shutters side by side to make sure I removed the correct slat in each one.

shutter display shelf

I had a partial sheet of plywood in the garage that, magically, was the exact height of the shutters! That became the back of the display case. I attached the plywood to the shutters with wood glue and a pin nail gun.

I picked up two boards at Lowes for the shelves. They simply slide through the shutters where I removed the slats. I gave the shutters a quick paint white wash to brighten them up.

shutter display shelf

Simple! And cheap. The boards from Lowes were $5.00 each and they cut them in half for me. Easy! I know a sewing/craft room that could use this shelf unit too!

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9 thoughts on “Inexpensive Display Shelf”

  1. That is way cool! I’ve never seen anything like it! Thanks so much for hanging out at The Wednesday Roundup. I’m pinning this! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hey Laurie,

    I was wondering if you would be willing to make my company two for our trade show booth. We’re a beach sand jewelry company and are going for a cabana feel. I’m obsessed with the shelve’s ability to break apart for easy shipping and the over all look of it. If you wouldn’t mind emailing me to discuss that would be lovely!



    1. Hi Lauren,
      Thank you for reaching out to me! I love that shelf unit too. Unfortunately, I’m not in the market for building and shipping pieces at this time. Thank you for your interest though!

      Laurie Hutchinson


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