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Booth Display Ideas

hinged door thumb nail

Opening up an antique booth has been a challenge in not spending money until we make some money.

But we need booth display ideas. We need to inexpensively decorate our booth with things we aren’t going to sell, like doors for back drops and dividers and shelves to display items on.

Since we haven’t made a sale yet, getting creative with decorating on the cheap has been our goal.

Roaming our favorite Habitat Restore, Crys and I came across 2 sets of hinged doors. Only $10.00 each!

Here’s how we turned them into standing display shelves and room dividers.

hinged door 1

They needed a little TLC, so when washing didn’t bring them back to life, I gave them a coat of white semi-gloss paint. Much better!  Even better still… I already had the paint.

hinged door 2

Once the paint was dry, I cut pieces of 1 x 3 with my miter saw and made shelf supports. It’s hard to see in these pictures, but each shelf support has two pieces of 1 x 3, one across the front, and one closer to the back. While using a level to keep them straight, I used wood glue and a nail gun to attach the 1 x 3 to the door.

hinged door 5

Then I cut the shelves out of foam core board, then covered them with this black and white shelf paper I had. The shelves come right out so we can re-cover them with the seasons or whenever we want a different look.

hinged door 3

In our booth, they act as a divider for our space from the booths next door. On the outside of the doors, we plan to hang pictures using decorative door knobs.

hinged door 4

Antique Booth Display Ideas

Our next cheap trick will be to have a panel of doors along the back of the booth. That will be coming soon!



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