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DIY Sea Glass Mosaic Picture

seahorse group 6
DIY Sea Glass Mosaic Picture

While wandering through one of my favorite “I wish I could buy everything in here” stores (Pottery Barn!) I came across a bag of sea glass on sale.  Blues, greens and clear glass. So pretty!

I knew I wanted try my hand at making a mosaic picture. Having never made one before though, I did my “wing it, I’ll learn as I go” approach. If I can do it… You can do it!

Here’s how I did it… DIY sea glass mosaic pictureAfter finding a picture I wanted to use, I printed it, cut it out and traced it a canvas board. Looking at the pattern on the printed seahorse, I started in the middle of the seahorse adding the green glass. I used a paintbrush and Elmer’s glue to adhere the glass to the board. It’s what I had on hand, so time will tell if it will last. I used blue sea glass for the rest of the seahorse and a pearl bead for the eye. DIY sea glass mosaic pictureI did have to break some of the glass in to smaller pieces. I did this by putting a few at a time into a baggie, covering it with a towel and hitting it with a hammer. Always were safety glasses!! Once I finished with the seahorse, I put the frame back on and filled in the background with the clear glass. seahorse group 4I picked up white sanded grout at Michael’s. (Confession… I seriously considered trying spackle as a grout because it’s what I had at home. But, I didn’t want to take a chance of ruining it.) Just follow the instructions on the grout you buy. I removed the frame before I grouted, making sure the edges were filled. seahorse group 5After the grout dried and it was “polished” clean, I thought it needed something added to the frame. I used some sisal rope and did a crochet starting chain. The rope was then glue to the side of the frame with hot glue. And that’s it! DIY sea glass mosaic seahorse picture DIY sea glass mosaic seahorse pictureLinking to:

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17 thoughts on “DIY Sea Glass Mosaic Picture”

  1. Your seahorse picture would fit right in with our living room, colors and all. You did a fantastic job of that. I’m tempted to try it. It is so pretty with green/aqua sea glass ,love it, glass really sparkles.
    We have light gray walls, differing shades of aqua and little bit of coral in living room and just a tad of darker gray. This came about when I found shade darker gray curtains at T.J. Maxx with a white design all over them.
    Our living room looks so much nicer now, and I don’t hate my house anymore. I used vintage table cloths on a club chair and bought a new to me couch at Habitat that is clean and so nice, made new art from things I had already.
    I’m so durned happy with house now. We have a single wide 16×80 mfg. home in which we inherited wall patterns not to my liking at all. Buying property here (Grand Junction, CO) is quite expensive for people on SS especially, so we bought what we could barely afford almost 8 yrs, ago.
    I’ve been so influenced and inspired by many bloggers and all ideas shared, have to give much credit for what I did in l/r to blog land.
    Happy summer days to you and yours


    1. The bag of glass came from Pottery Barn, and it was labeled “Sea Glass Vase Filler”. It wasn’t my intention to mislead anyone in my craft project. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  2. Great job with the seahorse, I am about to start a seahorse design myself, using a dark and light blue glass tiles for colour and clear/white sea glass for the background. Hope it turns out as nice as yours.


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