What a Hoot!

Birthday Bras

I took a friend of mine out for her birthday. A day of shopping and lunch. Where did she want to go? To Kohl’s and shop for bras. BRAS!

Shopping for bras is as mood sucking as shopping for swimsuits or trying to find a pair of jeans that fit. Usually leaves me feeling like crawling back into bed less than happy with myself. But as the great friend of the birthday girl, I shopped for bras too. We were going for lunch afterwards. Lunch has alcohol.

So, until lunch, I would make the best out of the situation. To my surprise, the bras had some very helpful tips and amusing names…

1.  HEADLIGHTS ARE FOR CARS.   okay… got it.

2.  AGE-DEFYING LIFT. guess that’s better than death-defying?

3.  18 HOUR BRA.  makes you wonder what happens in the 19th hour.

4.  THIS IS NOT A BRA FULL COVERAGE UNDERWIRE.  not a bra? boob holder then? TaTa tamer?

5.  NO SIDE-EFFECTS FULL COVERAGE.  finally, a safe to wear bra. ???

6.  COMFORT REVOLUTION FULL FIGURE WITH SMART SIZES.  apparently not for those with dumb sizes.

7.  PURE GENIUS EXTRA COVERAGE TAILORED.  the only picture of a bra model wearing glasses. Does wearing this bra make you smarter or blinder, I wonder.

8.  VINTAGE LACE HIDDEN POWERS. should we be scared?

With all the descriptive bra words such as “Unbelievable”, “Timeless Allure”, “Enchantment”, “Comfort Devotion”, “Passion for Comfort”, “Divine” and “Light and Luxurious”, you would think finding the perfect fitting bra would be easy.

Nope. After trying on bras, we were dejected, disenchanted, and dismayed.

But the day wasn’t over… we still had lunch. Yep, braless and buzzed. It was still a good day! 😉


4 thoughts on “Birthday Bras”

  1. This post has me wiping tears from my eyes! Hysterical!! In other words, it would be Pure Genius to have my Headlights adjusted so I’ll have No Side Effects and it’s important to do it by 18 Hours because by the 19th hour my Age Defying Lift will end? Got it!


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