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Cork Key Chain

Easy, inexpensive cork key chainMy BFF received the cutest cork key chain as a gift recently.  Handmade.  I love handmade!

These are super easy to make, and the supplies are very inexpensive. The only problem was deciding what beads and/or charms to buy. I wanted them all.

There are many sites that will show you how to make cork key chains. And every site is a little different. I bought supplies based on the key chain my friend had. If there are rules to putting the key chain together, I’m sure I broke them all. But… “there are no rules in creativity“… says me. 🙂

Supplies purchased:

Washers (from Lowes)
Finishing Washers (from Lowes)
Eye hooks (from Lowes)
Beads, Spacers and Charms (Michael’s and Hobby Lobby)

Tools used:

Small pliers
Tack glue
And a CORK

(I had “floral” wire on hand, so that’s what I used to attach the beads and charms together. I took a long piece of wire, folded it in half, to double it for strength.)

key chain1
Finish Washers. I bought a box of flat washers as well.
key chain2
Screw Eye Hooks
key chain5
Some of the charms, beads and spacer I bought. When Hobby Lobby has them for 50% off, you could go crazy!
Easy, inexpensive cork key chain
The cork with a washer, finish washer and eye hook attached. I used tacky glue to attach the washers to each other and the cork. It’s what I had on hand, but I will buy Gorilla Glue or something stronger in the future. After twisting in the eye hook, the washers stay in place though.
Easy, inexpensive cork key chain
The washers and eye hook at the other end of the cork. Added a split ring for keys


Finished Cork Key Chain.
Finished Cork Key Chain.

Cork Key Chain


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