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DIY Paper Houses for Christmas

Christmas Paper Houses
Christmas Paper Houses

After making the DIY Christmas Village Houses from wood (and loving it!), I decided to try it with paper. I started out using cardboard
from a shoe box, then a cereal box, then white card stock. All of them worked, but I liked using the white card stock paper because I’m lazy and did not want to paint anything. Also, paper is very easy to cut and much kinder on old fingers.

Christmas Paper House

There are many websites with free printable patterns for paper houses, but I ended up making my own. It was easier for me to draw the pattern on the back side of the card stock, making it the exact size I want. Once the pattern was drawn, I used a X-acto knife and a ruler to cut the pattern. Also, Sewers… don’t read this part… I used a fabric rotary cutter for the longer lines. That’s bad, I know. 😉 The door and windows were also cut using an X-acto knife.

At first, I scored the bend lines with the edge of a ruler. Then I tried a dull kitchen knife, then I used a tool meant for making small dots of polish on nail. The last one worked the best because it gave me narrow score marks. I know there is a special tool to score paper with, but I just used what I had.

Christmas Paper House

I made another pattern for the door way. It’s basically a smaller version of the house, but without the back side (the second “peak” piece.) You can make this four-sided though. I did four sides on the front door of the church. It does give you more gluing surface to attach the door piece to the house. The roof for the front door peak and the house is just a piece of paper, scored in the middle, with a little bit of a over-hang on all sides.

Christmas Paper House

I bought a piece of balsam wood at a craft store to use for the door and porch mat. Balsam wood is soft enough to cut with your X-acto knife. The base of the door (or the porch floor) is decoupaged wood, using scrap-book paper. I printed the “Welcome” sign on the computer, then decoupaged it to a piece of wood.

The door and trim pieces were cut from the balsam wood, and colored with a furniture touch up stain marker.

Christmas Paper House

To attach the fence to the foam core base, I scored the base with an X-acto knife, applied hot glue to it, then pushed the fence down into the slot.

Christmas Paper House

Before I added snow, I used decoupage glue and white glitter on the roof. Gives it a little sparkle!

Christmas Paper House

I applied decoupage glue to the base, then sprinkled “snow” on it. Just added the wreath, trees and a battery operated votive light. (I cut a hole in the back side of the house for the light.)

Christmas Paper House

The pattern for the church is pretty much the same. The front door piece on this house is a little bit taller than the first house. I used striped tissue paper for the “stain glass” windows.

Christmas Paper House

This was probably one of my most favorite craft project! It was a bit of a rough start… many houses ended up in the garbage. But once I got the hang of it and had a pattern I liked, it was oodles of fun! Give this a try. You will become obsessed too!:D

paper house together

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