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DIY Christmas Village Houses

wood house 10Last week I decided I would be a watercolor painter. Bought the paint and the paper, painted a few landscapes, then discovered I suck at it.


This past week, I thought it would be fun to be a maker of Christmas village houses. This worked out a little bit better. 😉

I have oodles of scrap wood in the garage, so this was a cost-free project.

wood house 1

I made a template for the two “peak” sides of the house. I should have made the roof angle 45 degrees, but I didn’t. A 45 degree angle would have made cutting the roof pieces a whole lot easier. Live and learn.

wood house 2

I started out using wood glue to put the house together, “clamping it with painters tape. I finally got smart (or un-lazy) and brought the nail gun in to the house. MUCH faster than waiting for glue to dry!

wood house 3

My green tape “high-tech” clamps. Whatever works I say.

wood house 5

My miter saw does not cut angles larger than about 47. Making the cuts for the roof tip nearly made me crazy. So I gave up and improvised.

wood house 6

I took a small wood dowel and glued it to the top of the roof peak to fill in the gap. It’s not perfect, but it made it round and smooth and easier to attach the music sheet paper to the roof.

wood house 8

I decoupaged music sheet paper to the roof and door and painted the walls of the house a light blue. The trim around the door and the shutters were stained with a touch up stain pen. (Who knew touch up stain pens would come in handy?) Then I applied decoupage glue on top of the music sheet paper and sprinkled “snow” on the roof.

wood house 9

The next house I made was decoupaged in music sheet paper. The roof is covered with wired ribbon, cut in half and hot glued to the wood on the roof. This house has a 45 degree angle roof, which made it oh so simple to miter the roof pieces. I used wood trim pieces to cover rough looking edges.

wood house 10

Getting ready for Christmas! Now I’m working on a Christmas village house made from paper. Stay tuned. 🙂

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