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Martha Stewart Decoupage Halloween Decorations

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in which I received product and payment. However, all opinions and project ideas are my own. Decoupage Halloween Decor #MSHalloween I had the opportunity to try out Martha Stewart Decoupage supplies. A box full of craft items showed up at my door. Is there anything better than that? All these supplies are available at Michael’s. Check out what was in the box! Martha Stewart Halloween Craft Supplies #MSHalloween

~ Holy Craft Supplies! 😀 ~

I decided right away I wanted to make a Halloween sign for the front door. Can you see what I used for the boards? Leftover wood planks! Those planks must multiply in my garage! They’re never gone! But they do come in handy.

Martha Stewart Halloween Creepy Sign #MSHalloween

After calming down from the new craft supply high,  I scoured the World Wide Web for ideas for Halloween signs. Once I came up with a saying, I went to work. I used Martha Stewart stencils to trace the letters. After I had all the words on the boards, I started decoupaging the Halloween paper to the board. No real plan, just randomly making each board different. I used “Matte Finish” decoupage to adhere the paper to the board and to seal it.

Martha Stewart decoupage formulas are non-yellowing, dries clear, can be used on any surface, such as glass, fabric, metal, paper or wood. It can also be used indoors or outdoors, which is perfect for Halloween decorations!

Once the decoupage dried, I painted in the lettering with orange and black paint. Next, I drilled holes in the top and bottoms of the each boards so I could attach them together with rope. I knotted the rope at each end.

Martha Stewart Creepy Halloween Sign #MSHalloween

~ There it is! The sign turned out better than I thought, actually. 😀 ~

This next project only required paper mache pumpkins, paper and decoupage. Here, depending on the pumpkin I was working on, I used either matte or sparkle decoupage. This is a project I could do all day. I found tearing paper and gluing them to a pumpkin to be very relaxing. Maybe I’m just a little weird. 😉

Martha Stewart Decoupage Pumpkins #MSHalloween

  1. Chose decoupage paper and glitter decoupage finish.
  2. Tore papers in about 1 -2 inch pieces
  3. Applied glitter decoupage to the pumpkin, then to the top of the paper to seal it.
  4. Let dry. On this pumpkin, I wrapped the stem on top with twine. That’s it!

The paints and decoupage mediums were fantastic. My favorite supplies, though, were the paint brushes! I don’t always play nice with my “toys”, but the Martha Stewart brushes cleaned up so well after each use, no matter how long I neglectfully left paint or glue on them.

Martha Stewart Creepy Halloween Sign #MSHalloween

Be aware what’s creeping up behind you!

Decoupage Pumpkins #MSHalloween Halloween Creepy Sign and Pumpkins #MSHalloween You can get more ideas from fellow crafters on Plaid’s Facebook page and Plaid on Pinterest.


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