Inspire Me, What a Hoot!

Gift Giving… Go Quirky!

Sunday was my birthday. What did I do? In the morning, I had Dunkin Donuts and coffee with all my Peeps, then I took a really long nap in the afternoon. It was my day after all. What more could a tired mom ask for? 😉

One of the gifts I received for my birthday was this Salt and Pepper Spoon Man. OMGosh! Looovve It! My BFF and I saw this Spoon Man at a post office/gift store weeks ago. I went coo coo over it! How clever was the person who made this?!?

Now I have one. 😀

My BFF and I always spend a day together for our birthdays. We were out shopping at Ikea and I mentioned to her I was on the look out for salt and pepper shakers. I needed some, but I wanted to find something “cool and different”. Kerry told me later, that if I found any shakers at Ikea, she was going to tell me they were hideous and to put them back! Ha! (What are friends for?) Little did I know my Spoon Man was in her car!

Giving and receiving quirky, unusual gifts is so much fun! This one is certainly entertaining. You never know when a Spoon Man will make a friend smile!

Spoon and Fork salt/pepper shaker holder

The company website is (I love that name!) I did some google searching and discovered this company has an Etsy Store too. Here is the link for that… Check it out! So much cool stuff there.

Hmmm… I think a Spoon DIY-er girl would be a big hit too! 😀 Just sayin’.



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