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Burlap Pumpkin Pillows

Here is an easy Halloween/Fall Burlap Pumpkin pillows project.  All it takes is some burlap, a little bit of paint, and a hot glue gun.  No sewing is necessary.

My friend and neighbor, Janet, made pumpkin pillows a couple of years ago. They were adorable. Since I had extra burlap on hand, I decided my front porch could use some Fall pumpkin pillows too.  I already had everything on hand. A “free” project is always an added bonus. 😉

pillow 1

I forgot to take pictures when I was working on the pumpkin face. I drew a face on the burlap with a marker and filled it in with black paint. You could use a black sharpie to make the face too.  Regardless, please make sure you have newspaper underneath the burlap or you will have a mess on your hands.  I let the painted burlap dry over night.

pillow 2Instead of cutting out two squares, one for the front, and one for the back, I folded over a long piece of burlap.  This way you only have three sides to glue together. I did not plan on sewing these pillows, but you certainly can. I took the lazier route and used a glue gun.

pillow 3

pillow 4.png

Before gluing the bottom of the pillow together, I stuffed an old pillow in it. You could use fiber fill to stuff the pillow if you don’t have old pillows lying around.

pillow 5

Here are my happy pumpkin pillows. Besides the drying time, this project took only an hour to do. Very simple.

pillow 7

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