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Fall Wreath

Today I’m featuring a gorgeous Fall wreath my friend and neighbor, Crys, made.

Crys is my treasure hunting/get in trouble with buddy.  We both have our moments of insane inspiration and get ourselves trapped in severe cases of “ninety percent-itis”!  For those of you who haven’t heard of this condition, it’s when your brain is so overloaded with creativity, you never quite finish one project before you start the next.

So, to help us focus (NOT!), last month we popped in to Hobby Lobby, just for fun.  And guess what?? All their Fall accessories were out!  We love Fall!! Since we were already there, and all the Fall decorations were 50% off, we bought what we needed to make this year’s Fall wreath. What’s one more project?

Fall wreath
Some of the supplies we bought.

Crys completed hers already!  The wreath turned out BEAUTIFUL!  I asked what she spend on all the materials (and she bought A LOT!) and it only came out to about $30.00.  You can’t buy one premade, this full and gorgeous, without spending a fortune!

fall wreath
The ribbon, burlap, wire frame, and all the picks were 50% off!!
fall wreath
It turned out stunning!

Crys had so much fun putting her wreath together, she was kind enough to offer to do my wreath! WooHoo! Since I was in the middle of my Master bathroom makeover at the time, I was so giddy with excitement about that, I told asked her to come over and get the supplies off my hands immediately! (before she changed her mind!) 😉 HA!

My picks, however, came to a total of 3!  When I was picking out the things to put on my wreath, I was going for a simple, minimal look. Good luck with that, Crys!  We may be back at Hobby Lobby picking out more wreath supplies! Darn. I’m going to just hate doing that. 😉


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