What a Hoot!

A Story of Sisters and a Tiny Suitcase

You should know that when you come to my house for a visit, you will probably walk away with some lonely home accessories.

My sister came for a visit a few weeks ago.  The poor thing brought just a little carry-on.  Not being much of an airplane traveler, she had packed all her hair supplies, makeup and other toiletries in this carry on.  And all of it ended up in the garbage because it’s not allowed on the plane.  She was trying to save herself some money.  To check her bag, it would have cost $25.00.  (She probably had more than $25.00 worth of products in the trash now!)  Ironically, once she got on the plane, the attendants offered to check her bag for free ‘cuz they ran out of overhead storage.  Check it for FREE!  Too bad they didn’t offer to fetch all her toiletries out of the garbage too!

By the time she was ready to pack for home, I had given her 6 – 96 inch long, lined drapes, 3 giant euro shams and a birthday present I forgot to give her.  (Don’t judge, it was only 9 months late.)

It doesn’t take a genius to know all that extra stuff was not going to fit in her suitcase.  What to do, what to do???

I found one of those space saver bags.  You know the kind you suck out all the air with a vacuum?   Sadly, my brilliant idea didn’t work.  Still too much stuff for the suitcase.  Why didn’t I just give her another bag you ask?  Because she re-bought all the items that got thrown away and decided to just pay the $25.00 to check it.  And, she didn’t want to pay more money for the second bag or be bogged down with 2 bags by herself.

So, we tried again.  This time I sat on the space-saving bag as my sister vacuumed out the air. Yes it did look a little odd.  But despite our effort, the space-saving bag was still too big for the suitcase.  Next, we both sat on the space-saving bag. Finagling the vacuum when we are both sitting on the bag proved to be quite a challenged.  (I do wish I had pictures!)  After that fail, we opened the bag, took out all her clothes and stuffed in the drapes and shams instead.  That didn’t work either.  We were sweating our twin tushies off and cursing at this point!

Why did I not offer to mail the items to my sister instead?  Because I just thought of that bright idea right this very minute!  And I guess I just wanted what I wanted when I wanted it.  And I wanted her to have those drapes as soon as she got home.  But so did she, so I’m not the only narrow-minded, pig-headed idiot here!  My head was not thinking about a plan “B”.

Eventually, with more sweat, and tears from laughing so hard, we managed to shrink the space-saving bag down enough to fit in the suitcase.  After adding her clothes and toiletries, I had to sit on the suitcase while my sister zippered it up.  Good Lord, if the space-saving bag in that poor little suitcase sprung a leak while in mid-air, the explosion may have brought the plane down!

The story has a happy ending though.  The plane arrived safely home, the suitcase stayed in tact, and my sister has new drapes in her bedroom. The moral of the story?  If you come to my house, pack light or bring a big suitcase.  I have a condition called Acute Re-Decorate-itis.  That means I will always have extra home accessories looking for a new place to live.





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