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DIY Framed Mirror

Framed MirrorA lot of people take down their “builder grade” bathroom mirror and replace them with a store-bought framed mirror or simply add a frame to the existing mirror.  I did.  Every last one of them has been changed in some way.  And the mirrors I took down found a home in the back of my closet.  ‘Cuz one never knows when you might wish you had a mirror. 😉

What I wanted to make was a big floor mirror.  You know, the kind that leans against the wall. Sadly, all the mirrors I had saved were not tall enough.  On to plan B… a mirror for my entryway table.

I had all the materials on hand, except for two pieces of moulding I wanted to stain.  I picked those up at Lowes for around $10.00.  Even though, at some point, I did purchase all the wood and supplies I used for this project, since I can’t remember when, or for how much, it’s automatically “free”!  (That’s how it works in my head, anyway.)  So in other words, this is a $10.00 project!!

Framed Mirror

I had the plywood cut to the size I wanted.  It’s about 2 inches bigger than the mirror on all sides.  After applying mirror adhesive to the plywood board, I placed the mirror down and added weights to help secure it.  My “weights” for this project were books, magazines and baskets of laundry in need of folding.  You use what ya got. (And what you got a lot of! :D)


Next, the trim was added.  My cuts did not turn out perfect, but wood putty saved the day.


More moulding!  This time my miter cuts were much better!

PIC 10

I used wood glue as well as my nail gun to attach the wood together.  I LOVE that nail gun!  After wood putty and sanding, I taped off the glass before painting the frame an off-white.

PIC 11

Used two coats of paint, sanding after each coat.

PIC 13

I distressed the edges and corners of the frame with sandpaper.  Then, using leftover dark brown paint, I dry brushed a very little bit of paint on the high spots of the frame to make it look old and weathered.

PIC 14

A slightly wet paper towel worked perfect for wiping off any spots that had too much paint.

PIC 15

The last trim piece I added was to the inside frame.  For contrast, I stained the trim a dark walnut.  Be sure to stain both sides of the moulding before attaching.  The mirror will reflect the back side of the trim, so you will want it cohesive.  Once the stain was dry, I attached the moulding to the mirror with clear silicon adhesive.

PIC 16

A close up look at the painted frame.

Framed Mirror

It’s finished!  Now I’m thinkin’ the table needs to be repainted.  Same color as the mirror??? 😀  My work here is never done. 😉

Framed Mirror

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12 thoughts on “DIY Framed Mirror”

  1. That mirror looks really good! I would say, Yes, repaint the table since the top is stained the same color as the molding on the mirror! When are you coming down to re-do my house????? Love ya!!!


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