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Framing a Bathroom Mirror

I’m taking some time off to spent with my family.  While I’m away, I will be re-sharing a few of my favorite DIY projects.  This one is “Framing a Bathroom Mirror”.

My BFF Kerry, and I just finished framing her bathroom mirror.  It’s definitely one of  my favorite DIY project so far!   I have seen moulding put on builder grade mirrors before, but we took this one a little farther.  What a difference it made in that room!

Here’s a tutorial on how we did it:  (The total cost of the project and the supplies we used are listed at the bottom of the page.)

First, we measured and miter cut the trim (measure TWICE and cut once!) then taped it into place to check out the fit.  There’s nothing like miter cuts coming together perfectly!  A hand miter box would have worked fine, but I used an electric saw for this project.  (Don’t forget to get your level out and check that each piece is straight (level).

framing a bathroom mirror with moulding and tile

framing a bathroom mirror with moulding and tile

The mirror is attached to the wall with clips, which would not allow the trim to lay flat against the mirror.  Not wanting to remove the clips and adhere the mirror directly to the wall, we marked the back of the trim where the clips would be and chiseled out a piece of wood.  This was done (carefully) by scoring the wood with a utility knife and then using a chisel and hammer to tap out the pieces of wood.  It worked great!

framing a bathroom mirror with moulding and tile
Almost there!

Next, we glued the back of the trim and put it directly on the mirror.  The frame alone looked good, so we could have stopped there.  But why? ;   )

framing a bathroom mirror with moulding and tile

Tiling went surprisingly fast.  Kerry put a line of glue on the mirror and I peeled off each tile to give to her.  We glued them side by side so no grouting was necessary.)  This time I didn’t count how  many tiles we put on the mirror by hand, one by one by one.  I didn’t want to know!

Framing bathroom mirror with moulding and tile

Once the tiles were dry (we waited impatiently over the weekend), the small trim piece of moulding was measured, miter cut and glued to the mirror.  I don’t have a “before” picture of the moulding, but it’s just a thin decorative moulding from Home Depot.  It finishes off the tile perfectly!  (FYI, Kerry had the outer moulding and the inner moulding painted before we started the project.)

Framed bathroom mirror

My pictures don’t do the mirror justice. It looks amazing!

framing a bathroom mirror
A mirror like this would cost hundreds of dollars in a store.

Here is the breakdown of what was spent:  Total $51.91

Household Goop Tube  $4.57
1/2 inch mosaic tile 8 at $2.94 (23.52)
8 ft., 1/2″ molding trim 2 at $3.98 (7.96)
8 ft., 1 1/4″ molding trim 2 at $7.93 (15.86)

The home improvement stores have so many beautiful tiles.  The design possibilities are countless.  (Yes, my mind is spinning!)  I loved this project so much, I’m going to put all my ugly builders mirrors BACK up!  I hope you enjoyed.


8 thoughts on “Framing a Bathroom Mirror”

  1. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now but my husband is concerned adding the frame and tiles will make the mirror so heavy that the clips holding it to the wall will give out? Also, are you still able to slide the mirror out of the clips to take it off the wall after you add the frame? Thanks!


    1. Thank you for stopping by! The clips that the mirror is hanging on is pretty strong. If you are going to paint the frame, you could use composite wood, which is lighter than real wood. The way we did this frame, the only way to take the mirror off the wall is to remove the top or bottom part of the frame to access the clips. Hope that helps!


  2. Hi Laurie,

    I have a mirror already framed, but it really is missing something. Your post helped me a ton to figure out how to dress it up some more. Thanks so much. Some questions, what type of glue did you use for the tiles? and can you see it through some of the clear tiles?

    Thanks a lot.


    1. Hi Chris, thank you for the comment! I believe the glue we used was called “Household Goop”. It comes in a tube that you squeeze out. Clear adhesive silicon will work too. Just use a tab in the middle of the tile. You should not be able to see the glue behind the tiles. Hope that helps!


  3. This idea was so awesome that my husband and I started the exact same thing on our contractor mirror. The trim alone changed the mirror but the tile made it pop! We we able to do something similar in our girls bathroom with bigger tiles and it came out awesome as well. No more drab contractor mirrors! Thanks for the idea…..yall rock!


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