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DIY Stenciled Ceiling

I was given the opportunity to review a stencil of my choice from Royal Design Studio!  I said yep!  Have I ever stenciled before?  Nope.

Their website is full of gorgeous stencils.  They have so many choices, it took me days to decide.  But I kept coming back to the Chez Ali pattern.

Not having stenciled anything big before, I decided to stencil the ceiling in my powder room.  Yes, the ceiling.  😉  It was a little challenging, given the fact that I only have two arms, and could have used some more.  (I’m not very good at asking for help.)

stencil 2

My ceiling is an odd shape.  I did my best to find the center, and started from there.  Once the stencil was taped to the ceiling, the painting went fairly quick.  Working over your head, when you are too stubborn to ask for help, does require frequent breaks though. 😉

stencil 3
Tape around your ceiling where it meets the wall. This will prevent the paint from getting on the wall once you get close to the edge of the ceiling.
stencil 5
This was my last section to stencil. Working around the vent was easier than I had anticipated.

Included with your stencil package, from Royal Design Studio, is a ceiling filler.  This is a smaller stencil that allows you to get up close to the edge of your ceiling.  Brilliant!

stencil 6

brush and paint
This sample size jar of paint was all I needed to do the bathroom ceiling. There’s still a half left.

I used the paint sample I had from my bedroom.  It was plenty!  Not a lot of paint is needed.  Actually less is more.

Once I was finished with the ceiling, I let it go for a day, then decided to use a “glaze” on the ceiling to soften the contrast.  The glaze consisted of  a little white semi-gloss paint, some water, and Valspar Translucent Iridescent Glazed.  I stirred it all together and applied it with a rag in a circular motion.  After two coats of the glaze, the color was softer and had an aged look to it.

stencil 12

stencil 11
Finished! Woohoo!

Thank you Royal Design Studio!  Now I’m walking around my house to see what else I can stencil. 😀

In a few days I will host a Royal Design Studio stencil giveaway.  The winner will have the opportunity to choose a stencil of their choice… a $50.00 value!


Disclosure: Stencil was provided to me by Royal Design Studio. 

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