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DIY Headboard Bench

Headboard bench post updated from May 2011.

This headboard started out in life as a rejected bunk bed headboard found in a dumpster.  My BFF, not too long ago, worked for an upscale furniture store, and when she saw what they were throwing away, she jumped right in and fished it out for me.  (I don’t know if she actually had to scrounged through the garbage to get it out, but she would have!) :D.

I first used it as a twin headboard for my son when he got his “big boy” bed.  I hung on to it for many years after he outgrew it because you just never know when you might want to have an overlooked, discarded, garbage bound headboard in your possession.

And what do you know?  I had a headboard on hand when I wanted to make a headboard bench!  HA!

Here’s how I made the bench…

Using 1 x 4’s, I build a the sides and front of the bench and attached it to the headboard with wood glue and L-Brackets.  And as you can see, I used tape to clamp the pieces together while the glue dries.  Real clamps would have been ideal… but you make do with what you have. : )

I bought the legs from Lowes and attached them with wood glue and screws.  I had to haul the bench into the house because my garage floor is not level!  Couldn’t figure out why my bench was teetering.  I’m going to have to do something about that unlevel floor.  I’m not sure my hubby will be happy with me turning the Sunroom into a workshop.

The seat was made from 3 pieces of 1 x 6 wood.  I counter sunk the screws and puttied and sanded the wood smooth.

I primed and painted the bench with a brush.  I’m sure spray paint would have worked great, but I used what I had on hand.  The edges were lightly sanded for a distressed look.  Now this old headboard has a new useful life as a bench and a new home in the foyer!

This may have been one of my favorite projects so far.  (And it doesn’t hurt that my dad was very impressed with it.  Still means a lot even when you’re not a little girl anymore!) : )


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