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DIY Rope Towel Holder

DIY Rope Towel HolderMy son’s bathroom makeover has a beachy feel to it.  (You can see the DIY makeover HERE.)  It’s not done with fish or shells or boats, but it does have white horizontal wall planks and blue/gray walls.  It has that beach cottage-ish look.   The bathroom is finished, except for a towel holder. I could have put the old one back up, but that would have been too easy! (And boring.) 😉

I knew what I wanted to do for the towel holder, but I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for to make it.  I wanted the towel holder to be made of rope with nautical/metal looking hardware to attach it to the wall.  Finding the rope was easy.  The hardware, not so much.  Luckily for me, my Hubby came along on this quest and eventually we found what we needed.

Here’s how it was made…

DIY Rope Towel Holder supplies
Hardware I picked up at Lowes
DIY Rope Towel Holder supplies
The parts are called: 3/8 inch Galv. Floor Flange, 3/8 inch Galv. Tee, and 3/8 inch Galv. Steel Pipe Nipple
DIY Rope Towel Holder supplies
Steel Pipe is screwed in to the Floor Flange
DIY Rope Towel Holder supplies
The Tee is then screwed on to the Steel Pipe
DIY Rope Towel Holder supplies
I cut a thin strip of tape to wrap around the ends of the rope so it would not fray. Then I added glue (E6000) to the openings of the Tee, and pushed the rope ends in.
DIY Rope Towel Holder
I used 4mm Craft Cord to wrap around the rope.
towel holder 4
I wrapped the craft cord around the rope a few times until I got the look I wanted.  The cord is knotted in the back. I cut most of the extra cord ends off, then glued the ends down with more E6000.
DIY Rope Towel Holder
The towel holder is attached to the wall with four screw in the Floor Flange.
DIY Rope Towel Holder
DIY Towel Holder – super easy! Cheap to make! Cost less than $20.00 to make two towel holders.

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