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Personalized Entryway Organization

A year and a half ago, I created this entryway organization at the back door in an attempt to have some sort of organization and control over coats and backpacks. This organization worked sometimes. Sometimes not so much. But now the wall has everyone’s initials attached to their designated space, so I am positive this personalized touch will have everyone hanging up their coats with a great big smile on their face.  Right?  Or not.

But at least it looks cute. 😉

entryway organization
Some coats are hanging here, others are everywhere else.
entryway organization initials
Found these metal initials at Hobby Lobby. I got them 1/2 off that price!
entryway organization initials
I attached the letters to the wall with Loctite Power Grab for Molding and Paneling. (Had some left over from a project I’m excitedly working on!)
Entryway organization Initials closeup
Cute, huh?
Enteryway organization Initials after
You’d hang your coats here right? Could you please tell my kids?


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