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Wood Shim Chrismas Star

This weekend was spend decorating inside and outside for Christmas.  I did the inside, Hubby did the outside.  And we’re done!  Woohoo!  I needed something for the front door, so in the mist of putting up the tree and decorating the rest of the house, I had an idea for a door ornament/wreath.

I had wood shims left over from who knows what. (Sometimes I wonder why I have some of the things I have!)  I tried for a while to make the “perfect” shaped star, but it kept coming out lop-sided!  Finally it dawned on me that the sides all need to be the same angle.  So after I glued the first two V-shaped pieces together, I stacked the next two shims on top of that “V” to get the exact same shape/angle.  When I had five “V” shapes that were exactly the same, then I glued them all together.  (I hope that made sense.)  Use wood glue.  Hot glue does not hold it together well.

Shim star
My first thought was to wrap the tinsel around the star, but I ran out before it was covered.
Using hot glue, I started outlining the star.
First row completed
I went around the star with tinsel two more time to fill it in.
The finished star

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