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DIY Pedestal Table

In planning my new “library” I knew I wanted a round pedestal table and a couple of chairs in the room.  I found the chairs, but the table was not so easy.  I didn’t want a round dining room table because they are too big, and I didn’t want an accent table because they are too small.  (Sounds a bit like Goldie Locks!)  I wanted a table that was 36 inches round. 

So, I decided to make one.  Logical right?  Ask me how hard it was to find a round unfinished table top that’s 36 inches?  I thought it would be easy.  Nope.  The home improvement stores have some round table tops, but they were very small.  Lowes had one 36 inch table top in stock, on the shelf, but it was cracked.  I looked at it at least 3 times and walked away from it.  Brought my brother with me that last time and he declared it fixable, got it for half off, and then fixed it for me.  Problem solved.

I found the pedestal at Garden Ridge.  It’s substantial and heavy and it only cost 24.99!  All together, the top and bottom on the table cost a total of $45.00!  Next, I just needed to decide what color to paint it.  Easy peasy!

My brother said paint it white.  I said BORING!

Pedestal before
Unfinished table and pedestal
I wanted to give the pedestal a faux distressed finish.  I lightly rubbed on blue paint and wiped off the excess.  IT LOOKED HORRIBLE! 
Second try – Painted the whole thing blue.  Had to look better than the blotchy yuck that was on there before!
Painted the table top blue as well. Brought both pieces into the house and it looked HORRIBLE!
Third try – Painted the whole darn thing AGAIN, this time white.  Yes, I heard “I TOLD YOU SO!”
Finished table – for the moment.

While I was on vacation, my brother painted the underside of the table (I was going to be lazy and not paint it!) and glued the top to the pedestal.  It looks great.  Kids can sit there and play games or use their laptops.  I have a glass top on order.  While I’m waiting on that, I’m planning on doing something decorative to the table top.  More on that later. : )

Morale of the story…  Do it yourself.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for or it cost more than you want to spend, make it, create it.  Be resourceful, be patient, and oh yeah… if your brother suggest painting it white, paint it white. : )


5 thoughts on “DIY Pedestal Table”

  1. Looks terrific – anxious to hear the idea for the table top. I am thinking something that is changeable as your mood strikes (like pictures, cards, memorabilia, leaves, flowers). Don’t drag your feet – I am anxious….


  2. I am in the same dilemma for my cafe! I can’t stand the tables that are for sale (boring and not the right size!) Plus I am looking to offer something unique and then stumbled on your post! Could you please share what type of glue you used for the table and what materials your pedestal is? I have one but I think it might be too light for the table… Thanks and this project is lovely!


    1. Hey Melanie! Thank you for your comment. The pedestal is plaster, I believe. I bought it at Garden Ridge, but I know Hobby Lobby carries pedestals tool. I used wood glue to attach the top to the base. Hope that helps!


  3. Love the way your table turned out. It looks beautiful. Since it looks so beautiful I would also suggest doing something interchangeable as well. If the glass isn’t very expensive I would suggest something like decoupage on the under side of the glass. That way u might be able to come up with exactly what you’re looking for and change it when you want a new look… I would try finding something simple… like a canvas portrait with an antique or black and white hue to it for the middle. Then you could add something simple around the edges of it or a tablecloth under the glass. Either way, I think it will look great!


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